Butter & Scotch

It’s a bar. It’s a bakery. It’s both!

Butter & Scotch in Crown Heights, Brooklyn is basically the stuff dreams are made of. Combining two guilty pleasures of alcohol and baked goods, they’ve really hit on something. Their menu is all sorts of crazy, so that yes, you can get booze and you can get dessert, but you can also get boozy dessert and desserty-y booze. Let me guess… You’re shaking your head, asking yourself why didn’t you think of this, aren’t you?

When you peruse the Cocktails section of the menu, you’ll see concoctions like Sissy Hankshaw’s Sarsaparilla, which has vodka, ROOT liqueur, sarsaparilla, vanilla, cream and selzer. Oh, they also do “jell-ohh” shots, which are supposed to be of the somewhat gourmet quality here. In Boozy Shakes and Floats, you’ll find creations like El Duderino Shake with Kahlua, vodka, coffee ice cream, whip cream, and a cherry and If You Like Pina Coladas Shake with white rum, coconut ice cream, fresh pineapple, and a cherry.

But wait! We’re just getting started!

Along with their wine and beer options, there is also a Fun Pairings part of the menu with combos like The Mary Ellen (vodka martini + a hot fudge martini) and Make It Sparkle (glass of cava + a slice of birthday cake). Sure, you could probably order these things separately, but doesn’t it make it just a little more fun to have them come in a package deal like that?

If you’re not an alcohol drinker, don’t worry. There are plenty of sweets available form pie to cake to ice cream so you can indulge in your own way. S’mores pie? Banana split? Mini cupcakes? They got ’em. And they have some savory snacks as well, so really everyone should be able to find something they want here. Unless of course you hate alcohol and dessert, in which case, why are you here again?? Brownie points (nudgenudge) to Butter & Scotch for having a cute little section on their menu that says, “When you Want a Drink but you Don’t Want a DRINK…” with delicious sips like coffee, tea, and soda.IMG_8244

It was nearing the end of my night, so I went the sweets-no-spirits route when I visited and got the brownie sundae. It’s served picture-perfect with scoops of vanilla ice cream on warm triple-chocolate brownies with caramel and hot fudge drizzled all over and a sprinkling of toffee bits. AND whip cream. Now that is decadence.

It was one of those moments where I thought I was ordering it for the table to share, but really everyone I was with just took a bite or two, leaving me to pick up the slack—which I gladly did! Man, a place, let alone a bar, that serves dessert that late is the place for me.

In addition to their full menu, Butter & Scotch also serves brunch, which mostly entails booze and biscuits, and a Tiki Tuesday, where every Tuesday evening, they offer special, discounted rum tiki drinks.

If you ever want to take your date to the next level, come here. Or if you ever just want to treat yo’self, it’s the perfect place. Seriously, I’m trying to think of a better place to indulge than this one, and I’m drawing a blank. It’s fun, it’s delicious, and why haven’t you tried it yet?

Brownie sundae

818 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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