goa taco

What hot, new mash-up are you looking for next? French-Peruvian? Korean-African? Spanish-Polish? How about Indian-Mexican?! Well, meet goa taco.

IMG_8212“Goa” refers to the Indian trading port where paratha flatbread comes from. You guys should remember how much I LOVE paratha bread, but if you don’t, let me remind you…I LOVE IT A LOT. Now, throw in the “taco” part, which is pretty self explanatory–and also, another one of my great loves–and you’ve got goa taco, a place where you can get a wonderful little paratha-taco hybird that they describe on their website as “the buttery, flaky lovechild of the tortilla and the croissant, filled with all the delicious things from everywhere.” I’m all about all o’that.

The storefront/pop up location they have is tiny, tiny, tiny. You walk in, and boom, you’re standing at the counter where you can place an order (and take one of the few seats) and just behind that are the counters where they assemble all the food. You could probably reach back there and touch it all, but don’t. Just don’t.

IMG_8213In addition to the tacos, there are “snacks” on the menu, which really just means chips and guac or chips and salsa. No special variations or fusion going on here, but they do serve the tortilla chips just the way I like them–thick, fried, and with a sprinkling of salt.

Taco-wise, here are the options you can get, which actually have influences and ingredients from all over the world, not just India and Mexico:

  • Slow roasted pork belly, pickled red cabbage, chipotle mayo
  • House-made chicken chorizo, fresh goat cheese, white bean, charred scallion chimichurri
  • Recado rojo lamb shoulder, tzatziki, eggplant salsa
  • Paneer cheese, spinach pesto, garam masala fried chickpea, pickled tomatillo
  • Poached turkey breast Vietnamese banh mi
  • Organic tofu Vietnamese banh mi

All in all, there are just a few options, but there’s a lot going on in each.

IMG_8215They warn you that one of their big paratha tacos is about the same as two traditional tacos, and because of that and the guac we ordered, I decided to just order one. Pork belly, of course! I pretty much knew going into that first bite that I was going to love it (because how could I not love something called a paratha taco), and I’m happy to say that I was right. Savory, a great mix of textures, and definitely filling.

The website has some odd pricing listed for their items…like $6.43, $3.67, $8.27, and $2.76, but in person, you’ll probably find prices that make a little more sense and are rounded to the whole dollar. It’s generally around $7 or $8 for one taco, and again, going by the fact that they equal about two tacos, that’s not a bad deal. Note that if you can’t make it over to Delancey St., you can also find goa taco at Smorgasburg on the weekends. Happy mash-ups, everyone!

Chips and guacamole, pork belly paratha taco

79 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002


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