Baba’s Pierogies

I love pierogies, yes I do. I love pierogies, how about you?

But really though. Boiled or fried, they make me happy.

And make that dumplings in general! It’s kind of amazing how the simple idea of dough-wrapped filling has shown up in so many variations across cultures. To name just a few, there’s the manti of Central Asian; wontons of China; ravioli of Italy; gyoza of Japan; pelmeni of Russia; mandu of Korea; momo of Nepal; and of course, the pierogi of Eastern Europe. (If you want more, just look at this Wikipedia page to see all the amazing dumplings there are in the world.)

IMG_8236Traditional pierogies can be stuffed with a variety of things like mashed potatoes and cabbage. There are also dessert ones, which have a fruit filling like cherry or apple. At Baba’s Pierogies, a relatively new establishment in Brooklyn, they have the classics (sauerkraut, potato, cheese, potato and cheese) as well as some modern takes (mac and cheese, jalapeno, bacon cheddar, spinach and feta).

When you’re at Baba’s, the first step is deciding what kind of filling you want. After that, you choose if you want them boiled or pan-fried. The former come tossed in butter and chives, while the latter are served with sour cream. Then from there, you get to add the final touches by ordering any extra toppings, like sauteed mushrooms or smoked bacon bits, and dips, like horseradish or onion.

IMG_8239My friends and I wanted to try an assortment of fillings and preparations, so we split boiled potato and cheese pierogies with caramelized onions on top (keepin’ it pretty standard here), fried bacon and cheddar pierogies (fried + bacon = perfect sense), and boiled jalapeno pierogies with blue cheese dip (gettin’ crazy now!).

I can never decide if I like boiled or fried pierogies more, but I do think we did a good job of matching that up with each filling we ordered. And while it made the perfect meal being able to dip into different kinds, the bacon and cheddar might have been the winner for me.

Besides those main options, there are a couple of dessert pierogies, but sadly, I did not sample any. There are also some sandwiches, salads, and a couple of other little bites. While I think the prices could’ve been a little lower (it’s around $8 to $9 for an order of five–oh, and cash only!), I loved the clean and simple feel of the space and definitely can’t complain taste wise. What combination will you make?

Boiled potato and cheese pierogies with caramelized onions, fried bacon and cheddar pierogies, boiled jalapeno pierogies with blue cheese dip

295 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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