Davey’s Ice Cream

Local, fresh, and collaborative–all words you could use to describe Davey’s Ice Cream.

For starters, Davey’s creates the bases for its ice cream from milk and cream that comes from a creamery in Salem, New York, plus they make it a point to seasonally source special flavorings and ingredients from farmer’s markets. Then, all the formulating and pasteurizing of the ice cream happens in-house, allowing them to maintain high standards for all of their flavors. And collaborative? Well, they’re known for teaming up with other spots in the neighborhood to create funky flavors like the cinnamon and chocolate babka flavor in partnership with Moishe’s Bake Shop and the Marcona almond flavor with the restaurant Huertas.

IMG_7720While not everything may be from as far left-field as those, their “classic” ice cream flavors still have a touch of a little something special. Think Mexican vanilla, (their famous) strong coffee, and peppermint chip. But, of course, it seems like ice cream shops in New York City can’t help themselves when it comes to having a little more fun with special flavors. Speculoos chocolate chip anyone? Besides ice cream, Davey’s also does cold pops (there’s a Thai ice tea flavor!), some extremely Instagrammable ice cream sandwiches, milk shakes, soda floats, and a couple of baked goods.

I myself ended up ordering two different flavors from the classics section–roasted pistachio and chocolate chocolate. Luckily for me, Davey’s has an option called the single split where it’s basically a single size cup/scoop, but you get two flavors–kind of like how Ample Hills let’s you do half and half. I’m fully aware that pistachio ice cream catches my eye like no other and it’s probably the flavor I eat and want most frequently, but this was ROASTED pistachio, so sure…it’s like I was trying something new…yeah…the heart wants what it wants! In any case, both tasted just like their names implied–deep, toasty pistachio and a rich, dense chocolatey flavor–and you gotta love when ice cream makers hit the flavor on the head.

As you make your ice cream rounds before the summer is over for good in a neighborhood  packed with frozen treat options like Big Gay, Sundaes and Cones, OddFellows, Mikey Likes It, and Van Leeuwen to name just a few, think about adding Davey’s to your list of places to check out.

Single split roasted pistachio, chocolate chocolate 

137 1st Ave
New York, NY 10003

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