Bantam Bagels

It all started with a dream.

One day, Nick Oleksak woke up from a dream about mini, stuffed bagel balls and a day later, he had his first batch. Along with his wife Elyse, they made hundreds of test batches, got a shop on Bleecker Street, went on QVC, were mentioned in Oprah’s “Favorite Things” in 2014, and even appeared on Shark Tank, where they got a deal with Lori. Now that’s living the American Dream!

The idea behind Bantam Bagels is simple enough. They make and sell both sweet and savory little bagel balls that have the cream cheese stuffed inside and great for eating on the go or snacking. Here are your options:

  • IMG_7252Everybody’s Favorite: everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese
  • Grandma Jojo: Italian spiced bagel, topped with sliced tomato, with basil pesto cream cheese
  • The Classic: plain bagel with plain cream cheese
  • Hot Pretzel: pretzel salt bagel with cheddar dijon cream cheese
  • Cookies and Milk: brown sugar walnut bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese
  • French Toast: cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel with maple syrup cream cheese
  • The Bleecker Street: pizza dough bagel, topped with pepperoni, with marina mozzarella cream cheese
  • Cinnamonster: cinnamon raisin bagel with walnut cream cheese
  • Onion Roll: onion bagel stuffed with garlic scallion butter
  • The Skinny: whole wheat sesame seed bagel with low fat veggie cream cheese
  • The Hangover: cheddar cheese and egg bagel with bacon cheddar cream cheese
  • Box Lunch: plain bagel, topped with crushed roasted peanuts, with peanut butter and strawberry jam
  • Everything Bagel: everything bagel with plain cream cheese
  • Sesame Bagel: sesame bagel with plain cream cheese

I decided to get a box of six to try as many types as possible. I picked the everything bagel, Grandma Jojo, the Bleecker Street, cookies and milk, onion roll, and hot pretzel. The Bleecker Street was my favorite, followed by the Grandma Jojo. Not surprising choices coming from a pizza lover! I would’ve liked a bit more cream cheese stuffing inside and for the bagels to be a little chewier/softer, but you can’t deny that they are really cute treats. You can choose whether you want them toasted or not when you order, and I highly recommend eating them warm.

Sometime soon, Bantam Bagels is going to start making retail-ready frozen packs of their bagel stuffins as well as muffin stuffins. And if you aren’t in New York and happen to want some, you can order some for delivery from their website this very moment. Bagel balls for everyone!

Everything bagel, Grandma Jojo, the Bleecker Street, cookies and milk, onion roll, hot pretzel

283 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014

One thought on “Bantam Bagels

  1. Nice concept ! And I like the idea that they come in small size, so that you can enjoy the taste of bagel BUT still make your own decision about how much you want to stuff your belly with it :)))

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