Copper Chimney

Affordable. Indian. Food. That’s the name of the game at Copper Chimney.

Monday through Friday, noon to 3 pm, you can get a lunch buffet for $9.95. That’s right, you heard it here first, folks! Lunch for less than $10 and a buffet at that. Now that I’m thinking about it, this is the only buffet experience I’ve had in New York since I’ve been here–what do you know!

IMG_4598This isn’t one of those situations where a restaurant offers a special deal only for you to find out everything you would want isn’t included. Sure, you’re not going to find specialty seafood, lamb, or beef dishes, but Copper Chimney’s buffet has all the mainstays that you love like chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, tandoori chicken, plus a few other curries, sauces, rice, and even dessert options like custard. Your waiter also gives you a basket of naan for your meal. Taking a photo of a plate of food at a buffet is not easy, but ignore how sloppy everything looks and appreciate the variety you can get for so little!

If you work around the area, it’s a great option for an inexpensive, satisfying lunch. If you happen to come at a different time there are plenty of other foods to choose from like saffron shrimp, lamb vindaloo, and vegetable biryani. With most of the entrees hovering around $15, it’s still going to be an affordable meal, but man, is it hard to beat that buffet price!

Lunch buffet

126 E 28th St
New York, NY 10016

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