100 Montaditos

Wondering what a Montadito is and why there are 100 of them? Well, the answers lie ahead.

A montadito is a sandwich made from small, tapa-sized rolls, similar to baguettes, and they’re quite popular in Spain (supposedly they go back to even the 15th century!). The word comes from the Spanish verb “montar,” which means “to mount.” Mounting fillings and toppings on bread…I know you guys get it.

IMG_6342The 100 part of it comes from the fact that there are indeed 100 montadito options at this restaurant. The menu actually numbers them 1 through 100 if you can believe it.#1 is the Serrano ham with olive oil and #100 is whipped cream with almonds and hazelnut spreads, so that’s enough to tell you that you’re going to find all sorts of interesting varieties here. Chistorra, tuna, grilled chicken, pulled pork, smoked salmon, mozzarella, hot dog…the options go on and on.

The menu is divided between Original Montaditos ($1.50 each), Classic Montaditos ($2.50 each), Premium Montaditos ($3 each), Gourmet Montaditos which actually come on chapata bread ($3.50 each), Super Montaditos which are served on rustic bread and are bigger in size ($7 each), and Sweet Montaditos which are on their chocolate bread ($3 each). The menu also tries to help you out as much as possible by being color-coded with what sandwiches fall under meat, fish, cheese, or “flavors of Spain.” There’s even a little icon next to vegetarian options and a star next to customer favorites.

While you’re sifting through everything 100 Montaditos has to offer, take note that they also have appetizers like bravas potatoes, salads like kale salad, platters like croquetas, and other desserts like churros. Just thought I should let you know in case you didn’t feel overwhelmed yet!

IMG_6344When I came here before a show at the nearby Le Poisson Rouge, I spent a lot of time looking over a separate specials menu they had where there were combo meals listed. They had certain meals where you picked a number of sandwiches from a set list. After much thought, I had all of mine chosen, ready to go, only to find out that that specials deal wasn’t going on at that time. Curses! Soooo, Plan B:  I ordered those same sandwiches off the regular menu. Success! I got the garlic pork loin with mayo; meatballs with marinara sauce and crispy onion; chorizo with manchego cheese, tomato, and argula; and the serrano ham with manchego cheese and olive oil.

The guy working the order counter told me that people normally get 4 or 5 to make a meal, so I went with the lesser number since my friend and I were going to split an order of fries. Good thing too because although I finished everything (How could I not? Everything looked so delicious!), I was super full and one more would’ve really pushed me over the edge. Plus, they give you potato chips with your order already, too!

The bread was quite tasty, and I read on their website that they heat and bake it seconds before you get your order, so points to them. The serrano ham one was definitely my favorite sandwich, because really, serrano ham? and Manchego, my absolute favorite cheese? Done.

Montaditos are such a perfect little snack, light lunch, and happy hour food. The restaurant space itself also lends for great, summer happy hour environment because of the back patio area. And deal alert…on Wednesdays you can get any sandwich for $1. Tomorrow is Wednesday. See you there!!

5 Garlic pork loin, 6 meatballs, 48 chorizo, 43 Serrano ham, fries

176 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

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