Find a Texan in New York City, and you’ve found someone on the search for queso.

It’s just one of those things that us of the Lone Star State miss deeply and dearly. I guarantee that if you run into a Texan on the streets of NYC and breach the topic of this treasured, melted cheese, they’ll be able to tell you where they’ve ventured to find something that best resembles the beloved dip of their home state.

IMG_6072As per the suggestion of a fellow Texan in the city, I went to Gueros in Brooklyn because I had been craving some queso. One of the people in my group had actually never even tried it before (no, we are not counting that stuff that comes in jars that you microwave).

Gueros is a little Tex-Mex establishment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with some outdoor seating, which is great to take advantage of on those cool, summer evenings. It’s a casual affair here. Go up to the counter, order what you want, take your little order flag to wherever your sitting, and wait for the goodies to come your way.

The menu is simple and includes a variety of tacos, such as grilled hanger steak, fried avocado, brisket, roasted vegetable, and chorizo all wavering around $4 each. Then, there are a few extras like chips and guacamole, nachos, and beans. I ordered a fried chicken taco, an al pastor taco, chips and guacamole, and…QUESO.

IMG_6073The tacos were amply filled with toppings, and dang, look how generous they were with the avocado in my al pastor taco! With all the chips and dips, two tacos was enough to make a complete meal. The chips here come just like I like ’em–golden brown, thick, and extra crispy. None of that flimsy, chewy, paper-thin nonsense for me! Already from looking at the queso I had an inkling it would be good. My favorite kinds have been of this lighter, paler variety rather than that bright, processed yellow of other places. But how about the taste? Deeeeeeelish. I’ll say it. It’s the best queso I’ve come across in the city so far. While I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t really eaten it too much here (kind of like trying to get your friend from Maine to go eat lobster with you in South Dakota), it did pass the test and satisfied my craving.

If you’re from Texas and have found better in New York City, I’d love to know. Seriously. Desperate queso lover over here. Until then, I’ll be headed to Brooklyn to get my fix at Gueros. Might as well stop by Brooklyn Kolache Co while I’m at it and make a whole Texas day out of it!

Chips and queso, guacamole, fried chicken taco, al pastor taco

605 Prospect Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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