Spot Dessert Shoppe

IMG_4961After seeing a couple of people on my Instagram post about this delicious, and interesting, looking chocolate cake, oozing with even more warm chocolate, I had to figure out where they were eating such a thing of beauty and get it STAT. Come to find out, they got it at a place called Spot Dessert. 

There’s a Spot Dessert Bar where you can sit down and a Spot Dessert Shoppe where it’s more of an order to-go vibe, and they’re located just down the street from each other. I ended up going to the shop because honestly, I saw it first and didn’t realize that there was a second, sit-down location…whoops! But you can still order their signature desserts here so it was fine in the end.

Spot’s thing is desserts that have an “Asian flare,” meaning they use ingredients like green tea and yuzu. Whoever is thinking up these desserts…A+ to you. For one, there’s the number 1 seller that I mentioned earlier–the chocolate green tea lava cake, which is a soft, warm, chocolate cake filled with green tea ganache and with green tea ice cream on top of “walnut soil.” I had to order this one, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Decadent and rich, partnered with that signature, unique flavor of green tea. So. good. And so. pretty.

Some of the other cool desserts they sell are…

  • IMG_4957Yuzu Eskimo – frozen Japanese citrus cream bar with chocolate pearls
  • Smoked Coconut Cheesecake – coconut cheesecake smoked with Thai aromatic candle (what does this mean?!) with coconut ice cream and basil seeds
  • Green Tearamisu – green tea mascarpone cream, green tea soaked ladyfinger, shaved white chocolate, matcha powder dust (this one has a super cute presentation to resemble a little planter box)
  • Kabocha Brulee Cake – Japanese pumpkin cake with condensed milk ice cream
  • Thai Tea Creme Brulee

So yeah, traditional desserts with some cool Asian twists. Sounds like a winning package to me!

Another one of their big sellers, as we learned from one of the staff there, is the Golden Toast, a dessert of honey buttered toast with ice cream. Think thicker, heartier, French toast. Hey, he said it was good, so we got it. Simple as that. I’m not a big breakfast person, but when French toast is repackaged as a dessert like this, I’m always down to try!


We also ordered an item called Chocolate Forest, which is a dessert with lots of fun textures. There’s the soft and incredibly light chocolate cube coated in green tea powder, which is on top of cookie crumble, plus it has hard chocolate “pebbles” and a scoop of ice cream on the side. Taste buds so happy. The Village Voice actually picked The Chocolate Forest as the best NY dessert in 2014, so that’s saying something!

We were originally just going to get two desserts, but then the guy helping us told us that there was a special on getting three, so what do you think we did? Well, I have yet to mention that I came here with my sugar-loving mom, so of course, we went for it! Fair warning that three desserts is actually much more than two people can comfortably eat but do I regret getting that much? Never. The dessert creations here are so fun and imaginative that I’m curious to try all of them one day. Dare me?

Chocolate forest, golden toast, chocolate green tea lava cake

5 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003

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