Vivi Bubble Tea

Vivi Bubble Tea is ALL over the place. I mean there’s 14 locations across New York City, so chances are you’ve come across this colorful store and its cute little skull princess cartoon things on their logos (Sorry, that’s really the best way to describe them. Check one out in the image below!).  I ventured into a Vivi Bubble Tea for the first time a couple months ago when walking around Chinatown. Oddly enough, one of the locations in the neighborhood has a bench out front with a giant Homer Simpson sitting on it, while another has a bench with Marge and Maggie Simpson on it. Why? No clue. I went to the Marge and Maggie one, which is really technically in Little Italy.

At Vivi, each drink is made to order so the customer gets the freshest taste. The drinks are flavored teas like passion fruit, green apple, honeydew, strawberry, and lychee, as well as milk teas like Japanese matcha, Taro, cappuccino, tiramisu, and coconut. They also have special drinks like one called “chocoberry & cookie,” slushes, yakult (a probiotic dairy drink), and ice jelly teas.


When I visited, I ordered an almond milk tea with tapioca. This was the first bubble tea place I’ve ever been to where you could specify if you wanted the drink hot or cold (there is a price difference though). I’m not sure if it was the specific flavor I chose, but mine tasted much more like tea rather than almond. Perhaps it would’ve been different if I would’ve ordered a more potent flavor to begin with? I can’t say. But did you like how I poked the straw straight through Ms. Skeleton Princess’s mouth? Tapioca straws entertain me too much.

Like many other things in this area, Vivi Bubble Tea is cash only, so don’t forget to bring a few bucks–drinks are around $3 to $4 each. And maybe throw in a little extra in case you want to try some of their hot snacks like their popcorn chicken or takoyaki? I haven’t tried any of their savory food items, but those digital screens and bright signs inside the store sure did make them look appetizing. Grab a bite and get back to me on how they are?

Almond milk tea with tapioca

183 Hester St
New York, NY 10013

(multiple locations)

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