Tasty Dumpling

Even though I go to Chinatown frequently for good, cheap food, I sometimes find myself strolling along and thinking, “You know…I’ve never been on this street before.” It’s an odd feeling, knowing what neighborhood you’re in (and a small enough one at that), but realizing that it’s the first time you’ve ever walked that exact path. One time, after eating at InDessert, my mom, my friend, and I found ourselves in a part of Chinatown that none of us recognized. When we got in a cab from there to go home, even the driver was unsure of how to navigate to more familiar roads in order to get us on our way. He acutally asked us for “some guidance”! We’re the ones who got in a cab because we didn’t know where we were!

IMG_4855All of this is just a long-winded way for me to tell you that, going to Tasty Dumpling brought me to another part of Chinatown I had yet to explore. It’s located away from the hustle and bustle of Canal Street and across from a quiet park. When my friend and I walked inside, there was only one other customer inside and plenty of open tables, both of which are a rarity for cheap dumpling spots in my experience.

I got the chive and pork fried dumplings, which come 5 to an order for $1.25. Just as quickly as you order and pay, you have a styrofoam plate with your dumplings in hand. They’re not necessarily the number 1 NYC dumpling in my heart, but they sure do the trick. And if you want some without all the madness of other places, Tasty Dumpling is a safe bet.

While I’ll always go for the standard pork and chive, you can also get cabbage and pork, mushroom and chicken, shrimp and chives, and vegetable flavors. And if you don’t want them fried, feel free to get them boiled. I can’t speak to how the rest of the food is here, but looking at their menu, they’re also steals with pancakes being around $1.50 and noodle soup costing around $4. I mean, guys…the most expensive thing on the menu is like $13 and you know what it is? Fifty frozen shrimp and chive dumplings. Fifty!!! It’s time I consider doing some grocery shopping here.

Chives & pork fried dumpling

42 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10013

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