Moishe’s Bake Shop

IMG_5044Wandering around the East Village, my mom and I had a very important decision to make–what kind of dessert did we want. We had just finished eating lunch at The Bao and needed to get something close by. Yup. In my family, dessert is always a “need” not a “want” situation. My mom decided that she would rather have some kind of baked good than something like ice cream, so I started racking my brain to find something that was in the area and new for us both (sorry Momofuku Milk Bar!). Then, I looked up and saw Moishe’s Bake Shop right on the very corner we were standing at. Done deal.

Moishe’s has been serving up kosher baked goods since 1978, and it still has a very old-school feeling with its plain, unfussy interior; cash only form of payment; and way you kind of just look around the displays and shelves in the back to see what they have on sale today. There are all kinds of cookies, breads, and Jewish specialties like challah and rugelach, but I told my mom she HAD to get a black and white cookie since 1) she had never had one before and 2) yes, it’s a thing here. As for myself, I ordered the chocolate chip cookie.

IMG_5045My cookie had an interesting cake-y texture unlike traditional chocolate chip cookies, and my mom’s black and white cookie was perfectly iced and soft. I think I can safely say that her first b&w cookie experience was a success!

Next time I come here I want to try the hamantaschen (a triangular, filled cookie/pastry), which I’ve read is supposed to be one of their more popular items, or a rainbow cookie (another favorite New York bakery item). Oh, who am I kidding…AND a rainbow cookie. Always and.

Black and white cookie, chocolate chip cookie

115 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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