Petee’s Pie Company

Pop Quiz: What day of the year is pie consumed the most?

Answer: Sorry to get your hopes, but I don’t actually know the answer. But I like to think that instead of Thanksgiving, it’s Pi Day aka 3/14 or March 14th.

There’s something about themed days like “National Macaron Day” or “National Ice Cream Day” that make people nuts about getting that kind of food, even if they rarely eat it to begin with. Greatest marketing strategy ever? The funny thing about Pi Day is that it’s not even “Pie” Day and people (I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m one of them) still feel the need to go out there and eat some pie. It’s a day meant to celebrate a number that’s the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, but I mean uh…pies are circular!?

IMG_5087Last year, I stuffed my face at Pie Face, and this year I celebrated Pi Day at Petee’s Pie Company.  On our way to a tour at the Tenement Museum (sidebar: I highly recommend this if you’re into history and in NYC!), my mom and I noticed a long line coming out of a building. As with all long lines in New York, you immediately wonder what it is and whether or not you should be partaking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in line for something, from cronuts to movie screenings, and had people ask me what I was doing and then ponder if they should do it too. This time around, as soon as I looked to see what establishment was creating such buzz, I understood. Petee’s Pie Company! Of course! Pi Day!

IMG_5091After our tour, we walked right back over to get in line for some pre-dinner pie. Because it was later on in the day and they had already had so many customers, there were only a couple of flavors left to choose from. No biggie since blueberry pie was one of them and that just so happens to be my favorite kind. We ordered a slice and dug right in to the warm goodness (they heated it up for us since we were eating it there at their counter). For such a small establishment, it was really nice that they served our pie on fine china with silver forks. After 2 minutes, which is approximately how long it took us to devour the incredibly delicious slice, we decided that we needed more. The smells of butter and sugar baking were too hard to resist. The second time around we got the coconut custard slice, which was gooey and rich and exactly what you want in a custard pie. We also tried to order a cookie that was cut in the shape of the Greek letter “π,” but they said that those were only for people who ordered full pies. Foiled!

Petee’s uses local produce and natural fair-trade sweeteners in their pie and organic flour and NY state grass-fed butter in their crust. If you’re so inclined, they even have gluten-free and vegan options. I’ve seen on their website that other pie flavors they sell on rotation are brown butter honey pecan, cranberry apple, lemon chess, maple molasses walnut, and salty chocolate chess. In other words, a stop to Petee’s Pie Company is worth it, even if it isn’t Pi Day.

Slice of blueberry pie, slice of coconut custard pie

61 Delancey St
New York, NY 10002

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