ChikaLicious Dessert Bar

What do you get when you combine American desserts with French presentation and Japanese tasting portions? Chikalicious Dessert Bar!IMG_4321 IMG_4311I came to Chikalicious without really knowing what it was or what kind of food it served, but “dessert bar” was more than enough to reel me in. The decor inside is sleek and modern, and the space is intimate with only around 20 seats split between the bar and some tables along the wall. I sat at the bar–and recommend you do too–where you get a front-row seat to the open kitchen and can see Chika herself carefully creating and plating desserts. The dessert choices change every day, but you can bet that they’re all going to be imaginative and whimsical. Care for honey-thyme sorbet in hot butternut squash soup with a warm brown sugar biscuit? How about persimmon brulee on a spiced Genoise cake? Maybe Darjeeling tea panna cotta with honey crisp apple sorbert and a poppy seed puff? This place is dessert heaven.

The really fun way to eat at ChikaLicious is to get the prix fixe option, which is an amuse, your choice of dessert, and petits fours (small little confectionary bites) for $16. If you want, you can also add the wine pairing for $9 extra. It really is a gourmet experience at an affordable price, and the beautiful, eclectic assortment of dishes that your food is served on add another special touch to the dining experience.

IMG_4313Our amuse for the evening was a kiwi lavender sorbet with white chocolate mousse. 1. I’ve never had a sorbet flavor like that and 2. I’ve never had the combination of sorbet and mousse before. This sorbet was so light and delicate and made me think why aren’t people making more kiwi lavender sorbet in the world!! For my dessert choice, I went with the brown sugar panna cotta with sorbet (I can’t remember the exact flavor but some kind of berry) and candied pistachios. Even though this dish was similar to my amuse, it felt like a whole new experience. Creamy panna cotta with tart sorbet and the crunch of the sugared nuts…mmmm. Our petits fours consisted of a clove chocolate cookie, coconut marshmallow, and Barcadi rum ball. I can’t get over how ChikaLicious can make such small bites that have so much depth of flavor. Also, if the only marshmallows you’ve ever tried are the ones from plastic bags at the grocery store, you’re missing out on the amazing homemade kind like this that have the good kind of chewiness to it without the fake, plastic-y sugar taste.

IMG_4319I should mention my friend’s order, as it’s probably the dessert ChikaLicious is most known for–the fromage blanc island “cheese cake.” It’s a heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth, mousse-like cheesecake that comes served in a dish on top of a bed of crushed ice. Yeah, I stole a bite or two. This is not for anyone looking for a traditional cheesecake, but it is for anyone who loves cheesecake flavors or wants to try their most popular dessert.

Check out ChikaLicious Dessert Bar’s website for lots of helpful information like daily typical waits, approximate meal costs, and how to purchase gift certificates online (because everyone has that one person in their life who for them, a trip to ChikaLicious Dessert Bar, is a dream come true).

IMG_4314Prix fixe (amuse, brown sugar panna cotta with sorbet and candied pistachios, petits fours)

203 E 10th St New York, NY 10003

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