Dig Inn Seasonal Market

The first time my boyfriend visited me in New York, we pigged out at all the restaurants I had fallen in love with and the ones I was dying to try. After a couple days of filling ourselves with Italian sandwiches and dumplings and pizza and burgers, he looked me in the eye and said, “Um…can we please have some vegetables now?” Whoops!

Him saying that immediately made me realize how we basically hadn’t had anything green, let alone anything that could remotely be called “healthy” in days. I’m all for the greasy, good, food every now and then–you know, the kind of food that warms the soul–but I get his point. Sometimes you just need to take a break from the heavy stuff in exchange for something nourishing and light and, well, GOOD for you. That’s where Dig Inn comes in.

Dig Inn Seasonal Market sources local, in-season ingredients so that their food is always fresh. But another big part of their operation besides the whole farm-to-table mission is that they’re aware of people’s tight budgets, so they make sure to offer their healthy food at reasonable prices.

You can either order a marketplate, sandwich (steak and avocado? grilled salmon?), or salad (warm beet and goat cheese? kale and quinoa?). I like the marketplate option because of the variety it provides you. First, you choose whether you want a small or big size (the small was plenty for a meal for me), then you pick your main item, which would be things like charred chicken, 5-spice meatballs, veggie plate, the butcher block special, or a grilled fish special. This main comes on a bed of grains of your choosing. Lastly, you get one hot side and one cold side. Hot sides would be something like roasted sweet potatoes or roasted beets with oranges, and cold sides would be things like tofu salad or broccoli with roasted garlic and almonds. I think it’s an interesting idea to have the ordering like this, divided between hot and cold sides rather than just picking two sides in general, but whatever. Life’s too short to complain about silly things like that! There are enough options that there’s bound to be at least one thing you want from each section anyways.


I got a small marketplate with the meatballs, rice, roasted brussels sprouts and sunflower seeds, and couscous with butternut squash, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I ate this meal right after going to the gym, so it was just what I needed..i.e. clean eats that reenergized me and filled me up without weighing me down.

Dig Inn definitely has more of the lunch vibe because of how casual (and “fast food”-like) it is, but hey, if you’re looking for a quick dinner and want to avoid those $1 pizza slices, then it’s a great alternative that you can feel good about. Now go forth and eat your veggies!

Small 5-spice meatballs with rice, roasted Brussels sprouts and sunflower seeds, couscous with butternut squash

17 E 17th St
New York, NY 10003

(multiple locations)

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