Rotisserie Georgette

What’s the one thing you need to know about Rotisserie Georgette? Here it is:

There’s some talk that it’s one of George Clooney’s favorite restaurants.

Just messin’ with ya. Mr. Clooney has in fact dined here on occasion, but not only do I not have any real idea where his favorite haunts are, I also think the food at a restaurant should speak for itself, regardless of whether a certain silver fox, or any other stud for that matter, eats there or not. But it sure doesn’t hurt. Onwards!

Rotisserie Georgette really knows how to walk the line between casual and sophistication. Because of it’s location in a ritzier area, I was actually worried that my friend and I would be underdressed for eating here with our jeans and fleeces, but no so. Yes, it is a nicely decorated space and on the chic side, but at the same time there are no table cloths. Didn’t you know that table cloths are a sign of a true fancy pants place? Hmm…is that because it’s such a hassle to keep cleaning them? That’s a discussion for another day.

IMG_4299The food strikes this balance as well as it teeters between comfort and luxury food. The items are on the pricier side, ranging from around $15 to $50, but they aren’t necessarily fussy. It’s all contemporary food with a French touch that makes you feel like you’re having something special without also making you self conscious that you don’t know what you’re ordering or eating–dishes like rillettes de canard (duck leg confit, foie gras, cornichons, croutons); salad with mesclun, frisee, Asian pear, walnuts, lardons, blue cheese, and mustard vinaigrette; and Prince Edward Island mussels.

The main part of the menu focuses on food from the rotisserie, ranging from fish to veal short ribs but really spotlighting chicken. You can order a roasted half chicken with your choice of sauce–provencal (herbes de Provence, garlic), grande mere (red wine, mushrooms, bacon), or diable (tomato, tarragon, paprika)–which costs $24 per person, or you can order a whole roasted bird with wild mushroom stuffing, seared foie gras, and jus that is meant to be shared between two people for $36 per person.

IMG_4301I went with the half chicken with provencal sauce even though each of the sauces sounded pretty much equally tantalizing. My friend and I also split an order of the stuffed and crisped potatoes, which are baked Idaho potatoes filled with parmesan mashed potatoes. When I got my chicken, I was a little surprised with the simplicity of the presentation, but then I checked myself because hey, I didn’t order anything else with it anyways. Also, whenever a restaurant serves up something so simple I have higher expectations for it because that means they really have to execute it well as they can’t mask it with copious amounts of other ingredients, fancy or not. Needless to say, it was some darn good rotisserie chicken, especially with that sauce drizzled all over the juicy pieces of meat. For how “to the point” the chicken dish looked, the potatoes were just the opposite–truly Instagram material all perfectly fluffed and sculpted and broiled. This side had such great texture, combining the rich and creamy potatoes with the crisp potato skin. A+!

Now that I’ve gone through and mentioned the kinds of yummy things you can eat at Rotisserie Georgette, be honest. How many of you are going to eat here just to see if you can spot good ol’ George? Don’t be shy. Just make sure you enjoy the delicious food as well!

Poulet roti with provencal sauce

14 E 60th St
New York, NY 10022

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