Hummus Place

IMG_4604Lately, I’ve been all about vegetarian meals. Not because I’m doing “Meatless Mondays” or trying to give up meat or anything like that. I actually just had steak for dinner in fact! It just so happens that I’ve been on a real kick, searching for and making lots of healthy dishes the past couple of weeks, and almost all of them have been plant-based coincidently. And don’t you worry…my taste buds still get happy and my tummy still gets full. Does this mean I’m a grown-up now?

My friend and I were heading to Lincoln Center to watch the ballet and decided on dinner at the nearby Hummus Place beforehand. This particular friend absolutely loves Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food, we both wanted something not so heavy, and we were hoping for something affordable as well. Hummus Place checked all of those boxes.

IMG_4608With that restaurant name and all the main entrees essentially being a plate of hummus, you know they’ve got a thing for the dish. Their website declares that they’re “constantly hunting for perfect chickpeas” and they even give a couple of tips like how using Mexican chickpeas/garbanzo beans won’t give you the best hummus and that the smallest, most circular chickpeas are the best.

A little bit of background about hummus…it’s made of water, chick peas, tahini (sesame seed paste), olive oil, and lemon, which means it’s actually a vegan dish, and it’s packed with good things like Omega 3, vitamin C, and iron. At Hummus Place, it’s the star of the show.

IMG_4602For mains, you can either have your choice of hummus or one of the other signature, vegetarian Middle Eastern foods like shakshuka (a tomato stew) or a falafel sandwich. For the hummus varieties you can get either Masabacha, which is topped with chick peas; Fava, which is topped with fava beans, tahini, and a hard-boiled egg; Tahini, which is topped with what else but, tahini; or Mushrooms, which is topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Or you can go big and get a platter that samples all of them. All hummus comes with either warm, whole wheat pita bread or corn tortillas. Besides these options, there are also some soups, salads, and appetizers you can order. We decided on the mushroom hummus along with roasted eggplant, falafel (because what goes better with chickpeas than a side of chickpeas), tahini, and tzatziki.

IMG_4606Even though we originally came here because we didn’t want something heavy, we realized that we had ordered a feast. The roasted eggplant: divine…the falafel: delicious…the hummus: the creamiest darn hummus I’ve ever had. Seriously. So light and creamy. I had never had toppings on my hummus before, let alone sauteed mushrooms, and now I’m going to do this–great idea–all the time at home. Plus with that drizzle of olive oil…it really makes for a luxurious dish. You can even add some truffle oil to the mushroom hummus for a couple extra bucks if you want to be really fancy. At first I thought that the serving of pita wasn’t going to be enough for two people and all the hummus and dips we had, but it ended up being better that way as we loaded up on all the delicious vegetarian goodies in front of us rather than bread.

IMG_4609I never thought I would see the day when I wanted and thoroughly enjoyed a dinner out with no meat, but look at me now! Hummus Place makes it easy to forget what you’re missing. No, that’s not quite right…because when you eat here, you’re not missing anything at all.

Roasted eggplant, falafel, tahini, tzatziki, hummus mushrooms

305 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10023

(multiple locations)

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