Overheard at yoga on a Friday night:

Girl 1: So, after this we have to go home and get ready to go out.

Girl 2: Yeah, we should go grab a quick dinner, shower, and then go.

Girl 1: Okay! We can get a salad or something.

Girl 2: Actually, I shouldn’t eat dinner. I’m fat. Let’s just grab smoothies instead.

Girl 1: Omg, yeah. Let’s do that.

True story.

Was there ever a more “basic” conversation/situation?! After I heard this, I kind of had an internal, mini meltdown. All of my feelings aside, I found myself in a somewhat similar situation just two days later. Don’t freak out! It wasn’t quite the same.

After hitting up the gym with a friend, we wanted to grab some grub. We did totally want to get smoothies, but you want to know how our situation differed? We got ten dumplings each at North Dumpling first. Yo, we earned it!!

IMG_4586We spotted Juicery on the way to dumplings and made a note to get something there after lunch. It’s a tiny little spot in the Lower Eastside with just a couple of seats at a counter by the window. All the juice is raw cold pressed and made fresh daily. Think yummy combinations like apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, ginger, and parsley in the Lean Machine; coconut water, kale, blueberry, beet, and strawberry in the Benji Button; and sweet potato, strawberry, apple, and pear in the Liquid Gold. Or, you can make your own by picking a base, fruits and veggies, and whatever supplements you want.

But! They also have superfood smoothies, which is what I was drawn to. I had a tough time deciding between the Essex Street (pear + banana + almond milk + almond butter + vanilla + cinnamon), Blueberry Hill (oatmeal + coconut water + almond milk + blueberry + banana + honey + vanilla extract), and Cookies n’ Cream (young coconut + banana + cacao nibs + vanilla extract). As you can tell, I was craving something on the sweeter side. Ultimately, I picked the Essex Street, which turned out to be just right–filling, rejuvenating, and dessert-like enough to function as a post-meal treat. Also, props to Juicery for making a smoothie in which I could actually taste all the ingredients they said were in there.

If you’re into juice cleanses, they sell 6 juices + 1 shot per day here for either 1 day (for $45), 3 days ($130), and 7 days ($300). And in the spirit of their healthy drinks, there are some small, good-for-you bites here too like acai bowls, salads, and sandwiches that you can order.

In the area and need a wholesome pick-me-up? Head to Juicery.

Essex Street

15 Essex St
New York, NY 10002

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