Sweet Revenge

Cupcakes + wine = a girl’s dream come true?

Sweet Revenge claims to be the country’s only restaurant with a cupcake, beer, and wine bar. The fun little gimmick here is that you can order a cupcake and then get it paired with either wine or beer. Yes, you can order whatever cupcake and whatever drink you want separately if you so desire, but the whole fun of the place is having the combination selected for you by people who know best.

Don’t be deceived when you first look at their menu. It’s going to seem like they have a plethora of fun cupcake options to choose from. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize until after I had painstakingly chosen one (Fresas y Nueces: almond cake with strawberry, walnut cream cheese frosting) that in fact, it wasn’t available. The way it works is that there are four signature cupcakes available all the time plus one artisan cupcake that changes every day. Obviously, Fresas y Nueces was not the special of the day when I went. Tear. There they are. All the fancy cupcakes that you can’t have, taunting you. The Bird of Paradise with lime chiffon cake, mango buttercream, fresh lime zest…the Casablanca with pistachio cardamom cake and rosewater buttercream…the Creamsicle with vanilla chiffon cake, orange curd filling, and orange vanilla buttercream…the Ma Cherie with black velvet cake, cherry jam center, and Bordeaux cherry chocolate ganache…feast with your eyes because only ONE of these beauties (and all the other heavenly kinds I didn’t name) is going to be an option when you’re there.

IMG_4356Okay, enough with the drama. The regular cupcakes sound delish too. The signature cupcakes include the Sweet Revenge (peanut butter cake, ganache filling, peanut butter fudge frosting), Pure (Mexican vanilla cake, Mexican vanilla buttercream), Dirty (Valrhona chocolate cake, dark chocolate truffle), and Crimson & Cream (raspberry red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting).

Now, I always pick chocolate anything over vanilla whatever, but for some reason this evening the Pure sounded so enticing. I went with that plus the wine pairing, which was a Pinot Noir. My friend ordered the Crimson & Cream with the pairing, which was a raspberry bellini. As you can tell by the photo, our drinks were switched, a little slip-up by the waiter who was having what seemed like a very stressful first day (he had to come back and ask what we wanted 2 times after we placed our order with him because he couldn’t remember). No worries though! The place was a bit of a madhouse on the Friday evening we went, so not the most ideal setting to figure out how everything works anyways. Speaking of madhouse, Sweet Revenge is already a small space, so be prepared to be a little cramped and crowded if you come during prime-time.

Besides cupcakes, there are other desserts and even main course entrees you can order here, but come on. Sweet Revenge is built on this idea of dining on a cupcake and a carefully selected glass of wine (or beer), so you should indulge in the wonderfully luxurious idea that it is.

Basically Sweet Revenge is the perfect after-dinner, date spot in the Village. Take your date here, and you’re bound to win some brownie points. Or should I say cupcake points? I had to.

Pure cupcake, wine pairing

62 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014

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