Green Rancho

Remember in my other post how I said where else would a couple of Texans get dinner but a barbecue place? Well, I would be doing an injustice to Texans everywhere if I didn’t mention that there’s another very likely option. Maybe even more so. Mexican food!

One Sunday, my friend from Texas and I decided that we would try entering the raffle to win Book of Mormon tickets. We agreed that if we didn’t get a ticket for the matinee show, we would come back and try the raffle for the evening show. Hey, it would be a $32 ticket to one of the most popular Broadway shows out there, so we were dedicated! We didn’t end up winning, which means we had 5 hours to kill. Yes, 5.

IMG_4248First step was to go find somewhere to eat. Like I said, you would be hard pressed to find a Texan on the East Coast who’s NOT craving Mexican food, so we walked along 9th avenue until we spotted Green Rancho.

The hostess let us choose between our pick of tables, so we picked the one with the comfy, cloth chairs complete with pillows. We were here to make ourselves comfortable remember! Also, how funny is it that the two guys sitting at the table next to us were from Texas too?

Our waitress asked if we wanted to start with any fresh guacamole, so we quickly accepted. I also ordered the chicken quesadillas, which were served with corn tortilla chips. The guacamole was extra chunky, there were refried beans inside the quesadilla, and I like how the quesadillas were made with shredded rather than cubed chicken. 


We ate as slowly as possible to kill time. And you know what the best part was? We never once felt rushed or unwelcome. The restaurant was fairly empty when we came in in the early afternoon, but after an hour passed, and then another, and tons more people came in, we still never felt like we were being a nuisance, and I very much appreciate that.

I’m even more appreciative because after killing time at Green Rancho, wandering over to Bibbles & Sip, and roaming around some stores, we finally went back to the Book of Mormon theater to enter to win one more time…and we won!!! A day spent leisurely enjoying food and then getting to see a Broadway show on the cheap is a day well-spent.

Green Rancho has multiple weekly specials like a $12.95 lunch deal (soup or salad, choice of entree, and drink), happy hour from 12 to 7 every weekday and 3:30 to 7 on the weekends, and 2 for 1 drinks on Monday and Tuesdays from 4 pm to close.

Homemade guacamole, chicken quesadilla

741 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

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