Bibble & Sip

“Is that a llama?”

“It looks like a Loch Ness monster.”

“No, because it’s fluffy!”

“Well, the sign says, ‘BS All You Want’ so maybe it’s a Loch Ness monster because it’s like you’re bs-ing if it’s real or not…or something…”

“No. It’s fluffy.”

“You’re right. It’s a llama.”

Such was the scene as my friend and I were walking up to Bibble & Sip and staring at their cute, slightly mysterious sign out front.

Granted, now that I look back on it, it could’ve very well been an alpaca, but close enough.

Bibble & Sip is a new cafe/bakery in Hell’s Kitchen that we found after much searching through Yelp (since it’s relatively new, it wasn’t showing up on my iPhone maps app when I searched for coffee). It’s a small space, so there are only a couple tables and some counter seating by the window, but it feels very open and bright. The rest of the interior is taken up by the long counter, half of which has pastries and desserts on display. Pastries and desserts like earl grey banana bread, pistachio matcha white chocolate cake with raspberry gelee, and apple-lychee streusel tart, all of which are baked on the premises. Beverage-wise, you can order one of the more traditional coffee options as well as specialty items like blueberry tea and a lavender latte.IMG_4254

I went with the choco-blackout cake, because chocolate. Always. And I also ordered a green apple tea. Although my order was simple, the presentation was adorable. The cups come with these cool eco-friendly lids and have a cute llama (or alpaca!) outline pattern while my cake was served on a small wooden cutting board. On top of all that, everything tasted great too! Double whammy. The cake had a nice crumble texture on the outside and was light and not overly sweet, but still plenty chocolate-y, and the tea was just what I needed on a chilly day.

Friendly staff…a light and modern interior design…fun menu items…I think you’re off to a good start Bibble & Sip.

Choco-blackout cake, green apple tea

253 West 51st Street

New York, NY 10019

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