Dorrian’s Red Hand

Dorrian’s has a bit of a reputation.

IMG_7890It’s often been the case that whenever I mention what neighborhood I live in in New York City, people ask me if I’ve ever been to Dorrian’s. Even random people who my boyfriend has met around Austin who are from New York City ask if I’ve been there. Even this guy I know from Texas who spent just a summer in New York–and didn’t even stay in the Upper East Side–asked me!

So what’s so noteworthy about this place? Well, to be frank, it’s mostly known as a fratty/preppy-bar/sports bar/hang-out. But besides all the late-night shenanigans that may go on at this establishment, which has actually been open since 1960, they serve food here as well.

My main reason for dining here was because I wanted some cheap wings and they have a 50 cent wing deal. So, my boyfriend and I split those and an order of their french onion soup, which is served with crispy, fried onions on top. We chose the honey Srirarcha sauce for the wings, which was a fun, new flavor, but you can also get buffalo or BBQ. No, I’m not one of those people who’s tired of all the Sriracha-flavored food popping up these days. Bring it on!


The food selection here is standard, American pub food. I’m talking about all those greasy goodies like nachos, poutine fries, spinach and artichoke dip, fish ‘n chips, and burgers. Dorrian’s also offers a brunch where on top of your entree you can pay $15 extra for 2 hours of unlimited brunch cocktails.

Dorrian’s is an easy place to pop into for a quick meal if you’re around the area, but I would say it’s definitely more famous for what goes on there after the sun goes down rather than what they serve up from their kitchen. So the verdict? Come here if you’re looking for some no-fuss, bar food or if you’re in your 20’s and looking to throw it back to those college years.

French onion soup, honey Sriracha wings

1616 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10028

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