Dragon Land Bakery

Buns, buns, and more buns.

Dragon Land Bakery is your one-stop shop for savory and sweet Asian buns. Plus they have pastries and cakes too. Some of the more familiar items are roast pork buns, red bean buns, and egg custard tarts, but Dragon Land has SO much more than that.

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If you’re thinking, “What else could there be?” just take a look at those shelves.  And I do mean just look. No self-service is allowed here. The way it works is that you stand behind a red stanchion and point to what you want (don’t worry, all the buns have labels above them). A worker then puts your chosen buns in wax-paper packets and gives them to you or puts them all on a tray for you (if you order a lot like I did).

It’s so easy to get carried away here when you’re staring at all that golden baked deliciousness, and you shouldn’t feel bad about doing so since they’re basically all around $1 each. I decided to get a pineapple bun, sugar doughnut, coconut cream bun, and scallion hot dog bun based on recommendations I saw online. It all cost me like $5 and was way more than I could eat in one sitting. One of the funny things you might notice when you pay is that there’s a sign saying that there is a limit to how many pennies you can pay with (it’s five). Curious…but then again, there are lots of other odd signs like one that says “Please eat here” and another that says customers can only sit at the (very limited) tables for 30 minutes. Oh, and there’s a giant tank in the front with a single, huge fish swimming around. But back to the buns…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe sugar doughnut and scallion hot dog buns were by far my favorites. The doughnut was light and moist and with a nice touch of sprinkled sugar on the outside. Just be careful because there’s a pointy stick in the middle that got me and my friend. The hot dog bun is this funny little thing that looks like a clover, with four pieces of hot dog in each “leaf” and a gooey center with green onions. The pineapple bun was more bready with a crispy top, while the coconut bun was like a cream sandwich with the cream that was super buttery, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth thick.

IMG_3520I was only able to eat the hot dog bun and half the doughnut and was going to take the rest to-go to eat later that evening, and then I thought that maybe I should have a savory one for later too. Excuse to buy more buns? Probably. I hopped back over to all the buns and got a roast pork one, with juicy char siu pork inside, and it also turned out to be one of my favorites.

There were so many more buns I wanted to try, but you can see for yourself that they’re pretty huge so I had to stop myself.  Next time I’m going for the curry bun…and the ham and cheese bun…and the coconut bun…

Pineapple bun, sugar doughnut, coconut cream bun, scallion hot dog bun, roast pork bun

125 Walker St
New York, NY 10013


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