One of my friends who used to work at a food magazine told me that when her boss was teaching her how to select cookbooks  to review, there were certain fundamentals to keep in mind. One such thing was that books about bacon are ALWAYS good, no matter the season. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

Bacon is one of those things that people get fanatical about. Crispy, fatty, salty, sizzling bacon. Of course, New York City has a restaurant devoted to bacon and all the dishes in can be prepared in–BarBacon.

On their website, it says that Peter Sherman, Executive Chef and Owner, “intends to seek out the very best bacons from all over the country and pair them with local artisanal beers” and that his menus are “purposefully designed to enhance the different nuances of the unique artisanal bacons he finds.” Simple, but genius?

Two popular options from their menu are The Tasting, which is a selection for four artisanal bacons, and The Beer & Bacon Flight, which is four select artisanal bacons paired with four 5oz craft beers. What kind of bacon would be included in one of these selections? Well, some are flavored with red pepper, others with molasses, and some with jalapeno. There really is a whole world of artisanal bacon! Besides those tastings, there’s a wide variety of items on the menu. For example, they have a banh mi, bacon and roasted corn torta, lobster roll, grilled cheese, and tahini and kale salad, all of which has bacon and lets it shine.

I decided to get the BarBacon Burger, which is their special blend of angus beef, seasoned with their house rub, applewood smoked bacon, and a side of fries. Unfortunately, you have to specify whether or not you want cheese and it costs $2 extra. What’s a burger without cheese, I say? Gruyere for me.


I’m not sure exactly what kind of bun the burger came on, but it seemed liked a cross between a challah bun and a pretzel bun. Awesome. The burger was juicy and hearty, fries were on point, and I loved the little dish of sour pickles on the side.

Obviously the other component of BarBacon, is the bar part and there are plenty of cocktails, whiskeys, beer, and wine you can order. The space is also great for watching games since there are TVs aplenty and it has a loud, casual atmosphere.

Let me just end with another snippet from BarBacon’s website:

SIN IS IN, gastronomically speaking. BACON, a savory workhorse ingredient that lends an underpinning of hauntingly rich and complex flavor to a dish, frequently without celebration or menu credit will now finally have it’s heyday. Bacon belongs to the hedonist, the throw-caution-to-the-winds sort who would eat a bacon sandwich with a side of bacon.”

Now that could convince anyone.

BarBacon burger with gruyere

836 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019


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