Pomme Palais

A lot of times when I note a restaurant or cafe I want to try in my phone, I’m doing so off the slightest mention and oftentimes months pass before I actually go there. I’ll frequently have this moment where I’m just going to an address and looking for a name and when I finally reach the location, I’m like, “Ohhh…that’s what this place is!” because I didn’t actually prepare myself for what it would look like.

This happened to me on the grandest of scales when I went in search of Pomme Palais with a friend. We had just gotten a quick bite to eat but still had some time to kill before our matinee showing of Cabaret, so we decided to get some dessert. I saw that Pomme Palais was close, so we headed there. I quickly realized that there was only one giant building in the spot where this place should be and that was the New York Palace Hotel. Onwards!

IMG_3333The Palace is huge (909 rooms and suites to be exact). And extravagant. There are grand staircases, chandeliers, gold detailing–everything you would think there would be. You might also remember it as the home of Chuck Bass and the Van Der Woodsens in Gossip Girl.

Pomme Palais is located on the ground floor of the hotel, right off of the lobby. You can probably guess by the location what kind food the place serves. Elegant and kind of pricey. There are pastries like macarons and madeleines, savory items like sandwiches and salads, and beverages.

We were torn with what to get as everything looked picture perfect, but eventually settled on the Chocolate Bar. The clerk helping us got all bright-eyed and told us that that was an excellent choice and it was her favorite item on the menu. Don’t you love when that happens? It has a simple enough name but was this rich, dessert that had both a smooth mousse as well as a crunchy wafer-like texture. Delish.

Pomme Palais also offers a wide assortment of packaged goodies to gift from bags or boxes of their desserts to cookbooks. If you’re ever looking to feel swanky, come here and take in all the luxury of not only the setting but your food too.

Chocolate bar

New York Palace Hotel
455 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022

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