So, I don’t know if you know this but every year, Carl Shurz Park on the East Side has a Halloween dog costume contest. It’s called Halloween Howl, and it’s totally legit. There are sponsors, judges, raffles, and of course, hundreds of dressed-up pups.

I invited a couple of friends to go with me to it and suggested we go get brunch beforehand to make it a little bit more worthwhile for them to come all the way. I mean dogs dressed up as things like sushi and ninja turtles should totally be a good enough reason, but brunch is good too!

IMG_3004We went to Sarabeth’s, one of the more well-known and quintessential brunch places in the city. There are a few locations around NYC, including inside Chelsea Market. I went to the Upper Eastside location (to of course stay close to all those costumed puppies), which is pretty giant inside, with two floors, and located right next to the historic Hotel Wales.

The brunch menu had me really torn. Should I go with a dish off the Sweet Breakfast section and get Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes with strawberries or the Toasted Coconut Waffle with mango and vanilla rum butter? Or should I get an entree like the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich with housemade potato chips and mixed greens or something from the Extraordinary Eggs and Omelettes part of the menu like the Goldie Lox, which is scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and cream cheese? Don’t all of those sound absolutely divine? In the end I went with the Red Omelette, which has chunky red pepper and tomato sauce, cheddar, sour cream, and chives. Unusual. Intriguing.

Basically everything off the Eggs section comes with your choice of a muffin (English, corn, bran, banana, pumpkin, berry…),  croissant, scone, or toast along with preserves. Sarabeth’s is actually known for their preserves. They’re even referred to as “legendary,” and you can buy jars of them in various flavors like Blood Orange, Strawberry Kiwi Ginger, and Blueberry Mango.

The omelette was so huge and looked absolutely perfect. Have you ever seen a more perfect omelette?? The pumpkin muffin I chose was pretty tasty too, and I just wish I could’ve gotten even more of those preserves!

If you’re going during brunch time, try and make a reservation ahead of time or you’ll find yourself waiting for a table. One thing I really loved about the place was that despite the large crowd and numerous other parties waiting, I never once felt rushed or hurried out. My friends and I were able to enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning brunch, completely at peace.

Wait…I just realized I haven’t even told you yet what some of dog costume winners were. A couple of dachshunds dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 complete with blue afros, a chihuahua in a paper house with a bunch of (real-sized) balloons attached to it to be the house from Up, and a fluffy white dog dressed as the Pope. Feeling like you missed out now? There’s always next year!

The red omelette, pumpkin muffin

1295 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10128


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