Prince St. Pizza

To round out a day of eating only “New York foods” with my brother as first mentioned here, we ate what else but pizza for dinner. I would’ve been completely happy with having pizza for every meal, but my good sense kicked in and I took my brother around to try a variety of cuisines instead. Is it really good sense though, if it’s telling me to NOT eat pizza 24/7? I know my answer.

Since we had been grazing like cattle all day, we weren’t super hungry and wanted a slice shop rather than a sit down place. Prince Street Pizza had been on my list for a while, and all I really knew about it was that it was supposed to be good. Sometimes that’s all you need to know.

IMG_2885Prince Street Pizza is located at the site of the original Ray’s Pizza, which was first operated by Ralph Cuomo, a Luchese crime family member. When you enter the place, you’ll see lots of photos of celebrities on the walls who have visited. If the rich and famous have all this money to spend and they chose to come here, then I want to be there too.

One of the unique things about Prince Street Pizza is their SoHo Square, which is actually a trademarked phrase. It’s a thick square-shaped pizza slice and comes in five flavors–Prince Perfection (mozzarella and their secret sauce), Mercer Margherita (mozzarella, basil, and marinara), Broadway Breadcrumb (breadcrumbs and tomato sauce), No Cheese Square (whole tomato marinara and basil), and Spicy Spring (mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, and sauce). Can you guess which one isn’t named after a street in the neighborhood? How funny would that be if there was a street called No Cheese though…

Besides these famous squares, they also sell rice balls, salads, and Neapolitan style pizza. My brother and I split a Spicy Spring Soho Square and a slice of Margherita.

This pizza is the stuff dreams are made of.IMG_2887

I was on cloud 9 eating these two slices. The mozzarella was so fresh, the sauce was so flavorful, the pepperonis were thicker and more delicious than any other I’ve had, the crust was the right texture and thickness for each slice, everything was cooked perfectly…divine. This is one of those places where it all looks so simple, but completely blows you out of the water with the quality and taste of the ingredients.

The slices are all around the $4 range, which might seem a bit pricey to some people since there’s plenty of $1 slice joints out there, but it really is worth it. It’s hard to pick which slice style I liked more, because they were amazing in their own ways. Let me just be a pizza snob and say that you can’t compare the two so therefore I can’t choose. 

Now I’m sad that I’m writing this because I wish I was just eating the pizza instead. Everyone, meet my favorite slice shop in the city. You’re welcome.

Spicy Spring SoHo Square, margherita slice

27 Prince St
New York, NY 10012


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