Tal Bagels

I have about 200 places on my to-try restaurant list (205 exactly if you must know…check out the app Matchbook to keep track of them all!), but there are some places in my neighborhood that I pass so often I feel like I have to try them even if I haven’t heard much about them. It’s almost like I’m preparing myself for when people ask me, “Did you ever go to so-and-so?” so I can be well-versed in everything the hood has to offer. Or for when people move to or visit the area and ask where they can find such-and-such and I’ll be able to tell them exactly where to go. Am I over-thinking things? Maybe I just feel the need to show my neighborhood some love every now and then.


Tal Bagels is one such place that I frequently walk by on my long–boy, is it long!–journey to the subway. That’s really all there is to it. The sign is so ingrained in my brain that when my brother was visiting and we needed to get breakfast, I thought it would be the perfect place to go to on our way to the nearby crosstown bus.

The place is much bigger than I was expecting and even has table seating in the back, much like a little cafe or diner. Otherwise, it’s your average bagel place with different bagel and schmear options. I got an everything bagel (of course) with cream cheese and asked them to toast it.

The bagels were thinner than most other places I’ve been to in the city and had a bigger hole in the center. That seems like a random, weird thing to point out, but I noticed it since the hole section was still completely filled with cream cheese, which I thought looked cute and funny. I am so weird…

I believe they have a deal where for around $5 you can get a bagel and a latte/cappucino. And besides bagels, you can also get other meats, sandwiches, and breakfast options here. One more New York City bagel place down, only a million more to go!

Toasted everything bagel with cream cheese

333 E 86th St
New York, NY 10028

(multiple locations)

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