Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue

I’m not a very good Texan. I don’t own cowboy boots, I don’t like two-stepping, I don’t care for country music, and I’m not a huge fan of barbecue. During all my years growing up in the Lone Star State, I’ve really only truly enjoyed barbecue twice. Once at Salt Lick in Dripping Springs and once at Franklin Barbecue in Austin. Both are amazing in their own ways, and I highly recommend them if you’re ever in that area.

IMG_2940It’s been funny being in New York City and realizing which foods I miss or seek out. I terribly miss Tex-Mex food, but I’m extremely hesitant about having anything of the sort here because I feel like it won’t meet my standards. With barbecue on the other hand, I’m more willing to eat and try it in the city for some reason. Maybe I feel like New Yorkers are better at making good BBQ than cheesy enchiladas and queso? Maybe I don’t have treasured memories with BBQ so I’m not as upset if it’s not exactly like it was at home? Or maybe it’s just me wanting to feel like a Texan again if only for a meal? Whatever the reason may be, it led me to Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue.

Mighty Quinn’s is a mix between both the Texas- and Carolinas-style of barbecue and they smoke the meat for hours and hours. You line up at the end of the counter, choose your meat, and decide whether you want it on a sandwich or “naked” if applicable. The (naturally raised) meat options are brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, smoked sausage, spare ribs, brontosaurus rib (which is actually close to a pound of short rib on the bone!), wings, and half chicken. Then you get to see them cut your meat right there to order, which I always love in barbecue restaurants, and they sprinkle some coarse sea salt on top, which I’ve never seen done before. You can add sides to your order, choosing between pomme frites, sweet potato casserole with maple and pecans, slaw, burnt end baked beans, sweet corn and edamame salad, and buttermilk broccoli salad with bacon. There are also free add-ons you can get like pickled red onions and pickled chiles and the option of either vinegar-based cole slaw or mayo-based cole slaw.

IMG_2945My friend and I decided to split two meats and four sides because we had a hard time deciding what we wanted. We got the brisket, ribs, beans, sweet potato casserole, corn and edamame, and broccoli salad. Can you tell we wanted this to be a thorough tasting? Brisket is always my top-pick of barbecue meats because I love how juicy and fatty it is, and the brisket here was satisfying. I don’t know if it’s the Southern girl in me or what but I heavily preferred the more traditional sides to the more unusual ones. The sweet potato casserole was creamy and divine, while the burnt end baked beans were phenomenal. It’s not everyday I rave about BEANS so trust me on this. It’s a little weird to admit, but they were actually my favorite part of the entire meal. Those juicy burnt end pieces swimming in the sauce with all the beans…over the top! The restaurant also has their own special barbecue sauce at every table, and in to-go containers, for all your dousing needs.IMG_2944

Mighty Quinn’s has quite a few craft beers on tap as well as other bottles of beer to order if that’s your thing. Next time I visit here I’d love to try their pulled pork as a sandwich since I hear that’s a fan favorite. I wish I could’ve ordered it this time around, but I still did a decent job of making a dent in the menu don’t you think?

 Brisket, ribs, burnt end baked beans, sweet potato casserole with maple and pecans, sweet corn and edamame salad, buttermilk broccoli salad with bacon

103 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003


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