Friend of a Farmer

When I walked into Friend of a Farmer by Gramercy Park, I felt like I was walking into someone’s country cottage. There’s old-timey floral wallpaper, pictures and dishes hanging on the wall, wooden stairs that lead to a second floor with more seating, fireplaces, and lots of baskets of produce scattered around. There was a big bin of potatoes next to the table I was sitting at upstairs that I thought was a nice touch, and then a waiter came by and grabbed some potatoes from it to take back to the kitchen and I was like “Wait…what?”. But it makes complete sense. And again…nice touch. The owners built this cafe as a nod to the feeling of a small, upstate farming town, and I do believe they’ve hit the nail on the head. If ever a place was to be described as charming, this would be it.IMG_2794

I went during lunchtime and ordered the “hearty soup of the day” and the quiche of the day. The soup option was artichoke and goat cheese–unusual but I’m a sucker for anything goat cheese–while the quiche had red pepper, bacon, and cheese.

The creamy soup was served in this cute little iron pot, which the waiter uncovered for me at the table. Along with the quiche, it turned out to be a very nice light, but satisfying lunch, especially since there was a side of fruit with my order that I wasn’t expecting but definitely appreciated.IMG_2793

Friend of a Farmer is cozy and a great spot for a leisurely meal. While I feel like people mainly eat here for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, they do have some great dinner options as well like Honey Smoked Duck, which comes with polenta, pickled blueberries, and scallions, and the Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie, which I’ve heard great things about. 

Another pretty thrilling thing about Friend of a Farmer that really has nothing to do with the food or environment is that as I was leaving, I saw, seated outside at a table, Kit Harington.  Maybe you’d recognize his TV character’s name more–Jon Snow. That’s right. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones was eating here solo, reading a book, which I didn’t catch the title of but I’m really hoping was Game of Thrones because that would be too good. You know nothing Jon Snow!! Except maybe that Friend of a Farmer is a pretty cute and quaint restaurant to eat at? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. If you’re totally confused right now, please just watch this. Love you Ygritte.

Soup of the day (Artichoke and goat cheese soup), quiche of the day

77 Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003


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