Empire Cake

Remember Twinkies and snowballs and hohos? Those delicious, but maybe not so classy, snacks you used to love? Well, Empire Cake has reinvented them in gourmet form. No longer do you have to feel ashamed or embarrassed whenever you want those sweet treats you grew up with. Get one of their sophisticated creations and you’ll get to relive the old days while still feeling totally adult.

The snack cakes are Twinkies all grown up and dipped in chocolate (um, genius!). They come in a wide array of flavors like red velvet, Brooklyn blackout. lemon, and passionfruit to name a few. I tried the seasonal pumpkin flavor, which was a yellow cake with pumpkin pastry cream filling dipped in white chocolate. Each bite was a trip of textures from the lovely snap of the chocolate into the moist cake and then the sweet cream. I definitely wished I had gotten more than just one.

Other throwback desserts include renditions of snowballs (cake filled with cream and rolled in marshmallow frosting and coconut) and even a revamped swiss roll (chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream and ganache and dipped in chocolate). Besides these, Empire Cake offers a large selection of cupcakes. I tried the pistachio, hazelnut, and salted caramel ones with the last being my favorite by a mile. The first two had a very light buttercream frosting, but the salted caramel was topped with dark chocolate ganache. I liked how each of the cupcakes had sprinkles of one of the ingredients on the frosting. They also have a selection of cookies that changes daily and could be anything from tea cakes to shortbread to macaroons.

When you’re at Empire Cake, you’ll see some amazing, one-of-a-kind cake creations as they’re also well-known for their custom-designed cakes. But if you’re coming here for a quick dessert, you must try a snack cake. Partially for nostalgia but also because they’re just so darn good.

Pistachio cupcake, hazelnut cupcake, salted caramel cupcake, pumpkin snack cake

112 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011


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