Heidi’s House

Heidi’s House is one of those places that most people would probably pass by without thinking twice but comes highly recommended from anyone who has actually eaten there. Take it from me, this place is an absolute gem in the Upper Eastside.

IMG_2543One of the first things you’ll probably notice about the restaurant is that it’s teeny tiny, with mainly bar seating, a few two-seater tables, and one four person table. The next thing you’re most likely to notice is Heidi herself. Yup, Heidi, the namesake of the restaurant, actually works at the restaurant along with her husband. When we first got there, Heidi greeted us warmly, like really warmly, as if we’ve been friends for ages, and she joked around with us as she added our party to the waitlist. If you have to wait for a seat, Heidi will take down your number and give you a call when your table is ready.

Along with Heidi, the only other staff are her husband, who mainly mans the bar, and a couple of cooks in the itty bitty kitchen in the back. Every now and then I saw Heidi chatting with her hubby and giving him a quick kiss here and there and I  really couldn’t get over how cute it all was.

As seems to be the theme with Heidi’s House, the menu is small with only a few options. There is a hamburger, which you can add white cheddar or bacon to; paella that comes with scallops, shrimp, lobster, chorizo, and bacon; the pasta of the day; macaroni and cheese, which you can add bacon, sausage, or lobster to; and whatever other specials they have on the board. Now, a small menu may turn off some people but you just need one thing that catches your eye. Plus, it only makes sense that there are only a few options because of how little the kitchen is.

IMG_2551I decided to get the macaroni and cheese with lobster (had to go all out man). They warn you that ordering this may take 25 minutes. Rather than discouraging me, this just made me want it more because I knew it would freshly baked. It came served in a little cast iron skillet, piping hot, and absolutely delicious with chunks of lobster meat amidst the creamy sauce and pasta. And it had that lovely crunch on top that comes with baking the mac ‘n cheese.

Originally, my friend and I weren’t planning on getting dessert, but when we were eating our meal, a woman popped into the restaurant exclaiming, “I heard you have the best chocolate soufflé in town!” No way I was going to miss finding that out! Plus, both of us had never had soufflé before. Just like with the macaroni, you’re warned that getting one of the desserts may take 20 minutes (it’s written the menu but Heidi’s husband also came by our table to give us the heads up in case we were thinking about it). The other dessert option is date pudding. The soufflé was just what I had always imagined it to be. Airy, fudgey, melt in your mouth goodness.

Eating at Heidi’s House is like eating dinner at a good friend’s house–it’s comfortable and you feel taken care of. The intimate setting with the genuine warmth from Heidi and her husband plus the amazing, fresh, organic food made individually to order culminated in one of the most memorable meals I’ve had to date. Thanks Heidi and Co.!

Lobster macaroni and cheese, chocolate soufflé

308 E 78th St
New York, NY 10075


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