Two Lizards Mexican Bar & Grill

Before I left Texas for New York City, I was already preparing myself to live without Tex-Mex food. I knew it would be difficult to find authentic versions of my beloved queso, enchiladas, and tacos, but I figured that the plethora of other food options would make up for it. While I still have a giant queso hole in my heart that I fear will never be made full in this city, I have been able to get some Mexican food to satisfy me here and there.

Two Lizards is one of the places that mentally brings me back to my time in the Lone Star state. The restaurant is fairly small and narrow, so think about coming early for happy hour (which is only at the bar by the way) or making a reservation for prime dinner times.

I think their claim to fame is really their guacamole, which is made to order by your table in a molcajete. I totally just learned what a molcajete was when writing this post. You’ve probably seen them around. They’re those stone, mortar and pestle looking things that salsas are always served in in restaurants (minus the pestle that is). The more you know! When you order the guac, a guy comes over to your table, pushing his little guacamole cart and mashes it up right there in front of you so you know that what you’re getting is fresh. Fresh and DELICIOUS. I just wish I could have had more of it. A never-ending supply would be great…

IMG_6832Two Lizards serves all your Mexican food favorites like quesadillas, flautas, enchiladas, tacos, and fajitas. I ordered the tacos al pastor, which are tacos with pineapple marinated pork, red onions, cilantro, pineapple chunks, and salsa de arbol (jitomate, garlic, chipotle, onion). The order came with four, well-filled tacos, so it fulfilled my criteria. The tacos also came with a side of refried beans and rice served in its own little pot on the side with some queso fresco on top.

While Two Lizards isn’t necessarily cheap, it does do the trick with its casual, authentic Mexican food. I’ve been looking for a restaurant that’s not overpriced, fancy, reinvented Mexican cuisine but at the same time not a cheap, pay-only -in-cash, taco joint, and Two Lizards is the closest place I’ve found that hits that sweet spot. And will someone PLEASE tell me where to get some decent queso in this city…

Guacamole, tacos al pastor

1365 1st Ave

New York, NY 10021


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