Thai Terminal

New York City seems to have three things on every block. A laundromat, a nail salon, and a Thai restaurant. Okay, I have no numbers to prove any of that, but it sure does seem like there’s a whole lot of all three of those around the city. I know that you can find basically any type of food SOMEWHERE in the Big Apple, but there is definitely no shortage of Thai restaurants and I’m not complaining.

Besides Japanese food, Thai is my favorite kind of Asian food, so I’m always down for grabbing some. Luckily, my coworkers also agree that there is never a bad time for Thai food. We also all happen to agree that cheap is always good too. And thus, Thai Terminal.

IMG_2311Thai Terminal, located right next door to S’MAC, feels kind of like you’ve entered a space ship because of the narrow layout, white walls that curve into the ceiling, and minimalist, simple, black and white furniture. They have a great lunch special where for $9 you get a salad, appetizer, and entree. A meal for less than $10 is always a win. From the appetizers you can choose spring rolls, a curry puff, fried tofu, crab and shrimp rolls, chive pancakes, edamame, or veggie dumplings. For entrees, you get to pick from classics like pad thai, drunken noodle, pad see ew, tom yum soup, green curry, yellow curry, and various types of fried rice with the protein of your choice.

I chose the crab and shrimp rolls, which were even better than I was expecting because the roll wrapper was so fine and crunchy, almost like thin strands woven together. Unusual and excellent..a favorite food combination of mine. I ordered red curry with chicken, which has a creamy coconut milk and chili paste sauce, bamboo shoots, basil, and bell pepper. After dousing my rice in the sauce while eating, I practically drank whatever was left because it was so delish.IMG_2313

Even if you don’t go during lunchtime, Thai Terminal offers a great deal on Thai food with affordable entrees that are both filling and yummy. And man, they were playing some jamming electronic party tracks when we ate there. Check the place out and let me know if the party is still going?

 Crab and shrimp rolls, red curry with chicken

349 E 12th St.

New York, NY 10003


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