Guys…I want to take the time to show my gratitude. I feel the need to say that I’m incredibly thankful for my roommate.

Because we both always want to get dessert after every meal.

What? Did you think I was about to get all sappy on you or something? Really though, it makes life a lot easier having a roommate who is ALWAYS ready, if not already wondering, what we’re going to get for dessert when we go out to eat.

A few nights ago my roommate, her mom, and I had dinner in the neighborhood. After we finished eating, I was DELIGHTED to hear her mom say, “So, where are we getting dessert?” Now, I know where my roomie got it from! I know I totally got my sweet tooth from my mom.IMG_2308

While we normally go to Emack & Bolio’s or 16 Handles, when we’re craving ice cream/frozen yogurt, we wanted to try something a little different since her mom was in town. After a quick iPhone search, we realized that there was an ice cream place called Sedutto just a block away.

Sedutto is one of those places where as soon as you walk in, you’re bombarded with millions and millions of dessert options. I mean…just a slight exaggeration. On top of ice cream, they have hard serve yogurt, soft serve yogurt, sundaes, cakes, pies, and cupcakes. All of which come in lots of different flavors. The ice cream is really the star of the show though. In addition to what they have in the tubs at the front counter, they also have a board on the wall with a list of even more flavors that are stored in the back.

The hotel black bottom pie seems to be a big flavor favorite on Yelp, but I decided to go with the cherry vanilla instead. We had had a heavy dinner, so I figured that a fruity flavor ice cream would be lighter and more enjoyable at that moment. See how my mind works?? It’s like, let’s just completely forget that I’m still eating ICE CREAM. The flavor had big chunks of delicious cherries in it and my kids scoop size was plenty satisfying.

I can’t end my review of the place without mentioning one of its most interesting products: Wine ice cream! Yup. It comes in flavors like riesling, chocolate cabernet, cherry merlot, and mimosa and has 5% alcohol. I have no idea what it tastes like, but I’m intrigued.

And one last thing…Sedutto DELIVERS. It’s free delivery (in a limited area with an $8 minimum). I guess this shouldn’t surprise me because New York City is the land of delivery (groceries, laundry, etc.), but still, that’s definitely a perk for people who find themselves wanting ice cream but are too lazy to go to the store. *cough*me*cough* Let me bookend this post with another piece of gratitude. 

Thanks Sedutto. For realizing that couch potatoes need dessert too.

Cherry vanilla ice cream

1498 1st Ave # 1

New York, NY 10075


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