Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

IMG_2272Now this is an old school donut shop. Peter Pan Bakery, located in Brooklyn, has been around for over 60 years.

The couple who owns the place now (who by the way, MET while working at a donut shop..awww), bought it in 1993, but they’ve tried not to change too much. It really reminds me of Glaser’s Bake Shop in that no matter how modern everything around it gets, it stays the same and has its old-fashioned charm. When I visited Peter Pan, I noticed that the white and black menu on the wall above the donut shelf seemed pretty old, and it turns out that the sign (showing some cheap, cheap prices I might add) is original to the location. The new owners even follow the same classic donut recipe! What the couple has added are some new donut flavors, like s’mores, and some new pastries, like eclairs.

I went pretty close to closing time, so there weren’t that many kinds of donuts left to choose from. Totally understandable as it’s not easy to meet the demand all day when you’re making everything by hand! I opted for the regular sugar donut as well as one with frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

IMG_2273You can sit at the little counter inside the bakery, or you can easily walk to one of the three nearby parks (McCarren, McGolrick, and WNYC Transmitter Park) to enjoy your donut. I opted for the latter, because of its beautiful skyline view of Manhattan.

While I’m kind of obsessed with how pretty and perfect the sugar donut looked, the one with frosting was my favorite. The frosting was light and had a whipped texture, but at the same time, it didn’t get mushed when my donut was in its bag. Frosting magic.

I wish I could have tried their red velvet and Bavarian cream flavors, because I’ve heard that those are amazing and/or top-sellers. So, we know what that means, right? I’ll just have to come back! 😉

Sugar donut, donut with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles

727 Manhattan Ave

New York, NY 11222

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