Okay, guys. It’s that time again. Time to review another restaurant that seems like it was made for the sole purpose of facilitating romantic dates and lovely girls night outs. Uva is just that–a charming restaurant, perfect for romantic or nonromantic girlfriends alike.

Dark and cozy, walking into Uva feels like stepping into someone’s beautiful home in the Italian countryside. There are candles, rustic cookware hanging on the walls, dark wood floors, and an attractive backyard patio with additional seating.

Whether you want to sit and enjoy their famous wine bar, share a few small plates, or order just a heartwarming entree for yourself, Uva has you covered.

Some of the small plate offerings are varieties of bruschette, chisolino (Emilian-style focaccia), and Carta da Musica Condita (thin sardinian flat bread). They also have a wide assortment of cured meats and tons of cheeses, around 20 in fact, that you can order as well. Then, on top of all of that, they have their actual bigger primi and secondi dishes.

IMG_0738I wish when I came here I was starving so I could’ve tried more, or at least a cheese plate along with my entree. While my eyes wanted some bruschette, prosciutto, cheese, an appetizer, and an entree, my stomach knew it could only handle so much. This is my constant struggle in life.

I ordered the gnocchi di ricotta, which is homemade ricotta gnocchi in a creamy black truffle and chive sauce. Normally I look for some kind of meat or vegetable or something else special that elevates the dish when I’m ordering pasta, but it sounded simple and perfect as is. I mean however “simple” truffle can be.

The dish was everything I wanted and more. Creamy, cheesy gnocchi covered in a rich, decadent sauce. Absolutely amazing. And a really good thing I didn’t order anything else, because this dish filled me up and then some.

I highly recommend getting the gnocchi if (when!) you visit Uva, and I think it’s actually the house dish so even more reason to try it. I’ll be making my way back one day to try a cheese plate and to maybe even go to their Meatball Monday when they offer specials on meatball dishes. But until then, I’ll have my wonderful memories of this luxurious gnocchi dish.

Gnocchi di ricotta

1486 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10075


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