Miss Lily’s

IMG_1722After my friend and I finished our Chocolate Tour of New York City, we both completely agreed on one thing. It wasn’t which chocolate place was our favorite or which kind of chocolate we preferred. It was that we both really wanted real food now. Go figure.

It seemed like the whole time we were walking from place to place, throughout Chelsea, the West Village, and Soho, we kept spotting restaurants that we wanted to try. We settled on Miss Lily’s, because it turned out that we both had been meaning to go there and it happened to be close to where our tour ended.

Miss Lily’s is bright, colorful, and funky…almost like a rasta diner if there ever was one. They offer a modern approach to Caribbean food, focusing mainly on Jamaican cuisine with classics like jerk chicken, curried goat, and oxtail stew alongside more unusual fare like ackee dip and plaintain chips (sidenote: ackee is a fruit…we had no idea!), buss up shut (grilled shrimp, curry vegetable casserole, and tamarind chutney), and cod fish fritters with curry dipping sauce.IMG_1723

We asked the waiter what the most popular items were because everything sounded exciting and delicious. Funny enough, he told us that everything on the menu that had a picture was great. Well, okay. That’s one way of doing it!

We followed his advice and ordered the jerk grilled corn and Miss Lily’s Hot Pepper Shrimp, along with the fish tacos and jerk chicken wings, all of which were from the appetizer of section of the menu. Too many fun things to not try a lot/share!

The grilled corn was one of my favorite dishes of the night. It’s comparable to Mexican street corn, as it comes slathered in a seasoned mayo, but differs in that it has the signature spicy, smoky jerk flavor and toasted coconut. I love coconut, and I had never thought to put it on grilled corn before, but it was great and added a nice mix of textures and sweet and spice.

IMG_1721The hot pepper shrimp was my top dish of the night. I mean I don’t know what it is, but that name just makes my mouth water. Hot pepper shrimp. Drooool. The plump shrimp came in their shells with their heads on, coated in sauce, making it even more fun to eat in my opinion (coming from a girl who had a crawfish boil for a majority of her birthday parties, what else do you expect?). The fish tacos were interesting because instead of being served in flour or corn tortillas, they were served in thin slices of jicama (which is like a cross between a turnip and an apple). Fish tacos are already pretty light food, so that made them even more crisp and refreshing. And there were the jerk chicken wings, which were served with some sauce drizzled on them, so we weren’t left eating something too dry.

IMG_1724I think the prices could’ve been a little cheaper for the amount in each serving, but it really was a fun meal. Miss Lily’s makes for great summer eating, and hey, you still have one week left until Fall! But really…you shouldn’t wait for warm weather to check out this quirky Caribbean restaurant off Houston street.

Jerk grilled corn, Miss Lily’s hot pepper shrimp, fish tacos, jerk chicken wings

130-132 West Houston Street

New York, NY 10012


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