The Cottage

IMG_1367Do you ever have those moments when you’re just really really hungry and besides the number 1 criteria being that it must be edible, it must also be cheap and that’s all you really care about? Well that’s where The Cottage comes in.

Located in Gramercy in the middle of a few bars and some trendier restaurants, The Cottage is serving up some great lunch and dinner deals. The interesting thing is that judging from the exterior, The Cottage seems a little on the fancier side because of how large the restaurant is, the tablecloths, and all the wood paneling along the walls. But get a load of the prices and you’ll rethink that in no time!

I’ve heard that they have some good dinner deals where you get discounted wine or free wine or something like that, but I’ve only been for lunch during which they have a prix fixe option where you pick a soup, appetizer, and entree with rice, all for like $8.50. Woah right? Now I know there are plenty of inexpensive Chinese restaurants around New York City, but not so many in this area so The Cottage definitely fills the void of quick, cheap Chinese food. I mean their website “About Us” section says, “Although only nearby residents of Gramercy Park own keys to access the private park, anyone in the city can enjoy Gramercy Park’s hit Chinese restaurant, The Cottage.” Yeah. I went with the wonton soup, egg roll, and General Ching’s Chicken with fried rice. General Ching, ehh? Well, from what I can tell it’s just like General Tsao’s chicken.IMG_1368

I’m not going to lie that the vibes were a little odd when I went here with some coworkers. I felt like the waiters were trying to get us in and out as quickly as possible, even though there were tons of empty tables. It wasn’t necessarily that they were looming over us, trying to push us along, but they took our order immediately and almost just as immediately the food came out, and then it seemed like as soon as we put our utensils down, we were being handed the check. Maybe they’re used to working a quick turn-over in order to get the most people in and out during the lunch rush? Who knows. And oh yeah, there was a lady snipping either green beans or edamame from a MASSIVE pile on one of the tables in the back. Weird.

But sometimes, none of that really matters because you just really want a filling meal for less than $10. And by sometimes, I mean I always want that and that’s the dream, but that’s not always going to happen in New York City.


This is definitely not the place to bring friends who are visiting or to recommend to tourists. This is the place you go to when you’re waiting on your next paycheck or when you realize you really shouldn’t be going out to eat but all you have in your fridge is mustard. It’s always good to have a place like this in your back pocket. Hey, we’re all strapped for cash now and then, and that’s when we run into The Cottage and grab some affordable Chinese food.

Lunch special with wonton soup, egg roll, General Ching’s chicken

33 Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003



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