Murray’s Bagels

IMG_1436“There’s more to our bagels than a crispy outside, a fresh, chewy inside and a tasty, tangy schmear… we’re talking about soul.”

Woah Murray’s Bagels. Deep.

But really though, Murray’s Bagels are the bomb. When I first started living in New York City my friend who was visiting asked if I had ever been to Murray’s because it was her friend’s favorite place to grab a bagel. Ever since then, it’s been on my to-do list, especially because I feel like bagels are just one of those super New York things that everyone is really passionate and vocal about, especially in regards to their favorite or which place they think is the best. It’s just like how I feel like I have to know my favorite pizza places in the city because everyone who visits me is going to want to know where they should go and what my opinion is.

Well guys, Murray’s Bagels tops my New York City bagel list. I love it, and I’m not even sure how to properly describe WHY it’s my favorite, but believe me…it is.

Like many other popular bagel posts, Murray’s frequently has a line and you get the feeling that you need to order quickly and get out of there. After you order, you pay, and then wait by the register for your order to come out. As always, I went with the everything bagel (minced garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds), my all-time fav, and got the sun dried tomato and roasted garlic spread, which I don’t often find on menus and sounded completely amazing.

IMG_1437One of the unique things about Murray’s is that they don’t toast their bagels, which is something you can almost always request elsewhere. Normally, I do ask for my order to be toasted, but for some reason when I went to Murray’s I decided not to bother (oOo mysterious coincidence). If you’re thinking that it probably wouldn’t have been that bad if I had just asked and gotten shut down, then let me tell you that “We Don’t Toast” is embedded in their website design, so basically I’m just glad I didn’t look like a fool at a place that cares so deeply about the issue.

There’s actually a reason why they don’t toast too. Murray’s believes in making bagels the old-fashioned way–hand rolled, kettle boiled, and fresh baked–so they want their customers to enjoy the freshness of a traditional bagel, without the toasting. Their website says, “Why make a fresh bagel that’s crispy on the outside crispy on the inside?” and you know, I’ve never thought about it like that. I generally just prefer warm food (that sounds weird, but I think you get what I mean), but it’s true that there’s something wonderful about biting into a bagel that’s crisp on the outside and then you get to the chewy inside.

Murray’s really hits the spot for my desired level of chewiness, amount of cream cheese, spread options, and overall bagel size, all of which are important bagel criteria. And just look at that picture will ya? That’s one good lookin’ bagel.

Everything bagel with sun dried tomato and roasted garlic spread

242 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011



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