Veniero’s Pastry Shop

When a restaurant has lasted 100 years in New York City it must be good right? Well, Veniero’s Pastry Shop has been around since 1894 if you can believe it. And it’s stayed in the family that whole time.

IMG_1145Veniero’s website says that the pastry shop still has many of its original details, like the hand stamped metal ceilings, etched glass doors, and wood mirrors, adding to the overall charm of the place. When you first enter, there is a big display with various Italian desserts and pastries (I mean there’s EVERYTHING…cookies, tarts, cakes, cannolis…) where you take a number and wait your turn to place your order, but you can also head to the back and get a table which is what my friends and I did.

When we sat down and saw our menus, one of which had pictures for every item which was super helpful, we were totally overwhelmed. Everything looked good and there was a whole lot of “everything” to look over. No need to get caught up in getting something savory or a meal. It’s all about the sweets here.

Some of the recognizable treats are tiramisu, shortcake, cheesecake, fruit tarts, mousse, cannolis, cupcakes, and gelato. Some of the more unusual offerings are the millefoglie (a light pastry layered with cream and coated in powdered sugar), baba rum (a sponge puff soaked in roam with an apricot glaze), diamond baci (a chocolate sponge pastry with hazelnuts, raspberry jam, and ganache), fruitti di bosco (cream topped with berries), and napoleon (a sponge cake with vanilla custard and fondant). And that’s really just scratching the surface of what you can get.

I’ve heard from multiple sources that their cheesecake is amazing, so I knew I had to get a slice of that, but I also couldn’t resist getting a cannoli as well. Out of the many kinds of cheesecake, I chose the raspberry mousse one (I was curious about the combination of mousse and cheesecake). They do sell mini cannolis, as well as other mini versions of some of their pastries, but I was going all out here. Healthy dinner right?

IMG_1147While the cheesecake was definitely good, the cannoli stole my heart. Crispy cannoli shell, rich cream, and sweet little chocolate chips inside…mmmm. The great thing about Veniero’s is that even if you’re just getting dessert and sitting at a table (which is probably the case because they basically only have dessert), the waiters and staff aren’t going to rush you to leave. They let you be, which is refreshing at such a popular spot. You can lounge and catch up with friends, so it really adds to the feel of the place as an old school joint where everyone in the neighborhood would go to unwind. 

If you have a sweet tooth or want to impress someone who has a sweet tooth, bring them to this iconic New York City establishment. There will always be plenty more to come back for.

Raspberry mousse cheesecake, cannoli

342 E 11th St.

New York, NY 10003


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