Mac Truck

So back in May, I ran my first half-marathon (spoiler alert: I haven’t run since). I was never a runner, never thought it would be possible for me to run 13.1 miles nonstop, but I did it. Once I signed up and paid the fee and the date kept approaching, my fear of completely failing/dying/hurting myself really motivated me. Fear can do that to you ya know. So what does this have to do with Mac Truck?

Well, the week before my race I googled exactly what and what not to eat before a race and meal planned accordingly. I was going to do this right! A couple days before the race there was an event in Brooklyn where we had to pick up our race materials but there were also so many awesome-looking food trucks and snacks around, one of them being Mac Truck.

IMG_0012It just looked really really really good, and I told myself, “Hey, I’m carbing up, right?” And I would get the small size…whatever, I just wanted that mac and cheese.

This food truck is fun and a pretty good deal because once you choose your size (regular or large) and base mac and cheese (between classic, bacon, cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, or pulled pork), you get to add all the toppings and condiments you want…FOR FREE. Hallelujah.

Today at work I heard someone say, “It’s New York, nothing is included,” and while we were really talking about apartments and living in the city, that totally applies here too. I feel like any day you don’t have to pay extra for something in NYC, whether it’s a window in your room or additions to your macaroni, is a good day.

I can’t remember all of the condiments they offered, but there was A LOT. I know I definitely got parmesan, bread crumbs, truffle oil, ranch, and hot sauce. At least. Yeah, I got some looks and laughs  from the people behind me when I ordered that, but I wasn’t going to NOT take advantage of this free condiment deal. The guy making my order totally got it.

Depending on what size and kind of mac and cheese you get your total could be anywhere from $6 to $10, which is not bad at all considering I was super full from just the small size because of how rich and creamy and filled with toppings it was.

Since it’s a food truck in New York City, and I tried it at a special event, I’m not sure exactly where you can find it, but I’ve heard it’s in the Midtown East area often. You can always check their Twitter as well. So go forth and get those toppings y’all!

Small bacon mac & cheese with toppings

Various locations


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