Mighty Pie

Since I work in the Union Square area and it’s been nice outside recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the park. Whether I’m just walking around to stretch, reading a book on one of the benches, or eating my lunch at one of the tables with some coworkers, it’s always nice to escape the cubicle for a while during the work day. Even if the birds in the park are insane and will swoop by you with their wings an inch away from your face and maybe even sometimes fly and land on top of your head (yes, this happened to me. A bird flew and perched on my head with its nasty little claws.), it’s always an enjoyable break in the 9 to 5.

That being said, I’ve always felt like I was pretty versed in the ins and outs of the park, because hey, it’s really not that big. But one day I was walking around and noticed Mighty Pie in the northwest corner. Where in the world did this come from? How long has it been here? Has this little green building always existed?! I was completely confused, because I had never noticed it before. From the name I was assuming that it was a place that sold mini pies like Pie Face or little hand pies, but I was in for something completely different. These are pies of the Turkish variety, also known as börek or burek, which are savory pies made from phyllo dough.

Photo Aug 11, 9 30 07 AMThe pie prices range from $4.50 to $7 depending on what kind you get with the varieties being potato, cheese, spinach, provencal (tomatoes, olives, and cheese), mushroom, ham and cheese, and turkey and cheese. They also have a pastry of the day and some sides for 50 cents like tahini, a hard boiled egg, crushed tomato, and pickles.

I was going to order the mushroom pie but checked to make sure if it came with cheese or not first, and when I found out it didn’t I changed my mind and went for the ham and cheese, which they happened to be out of so I then got the turkey and cheese. As you can tell, I really wanted something with cheese (as always). The lady who was helping me made sure the pie was hot enough to my satisfaction before handing it over, which I appreciated.

It wasn’t until I took the pie back to my desk at work that I really understood what I ordered. It was this big, incredibly flaky, amazingly buttery pastry that had turkey and melted cheese and was filled with what I think was ricotta and it was just to die for. I think getting one of the cheese varieties was definitely the way to go because it makes the already rich pastry even more decadent with the gooey cheese. It was so messy to eat, and a little bit greasy, so I just ended up tearing off bits and pieces and eating it like a mad man. Good thing there weren’t many people in the office at that time to watch me devour this. It was a great breakfast, especially because it turned out to be a complete surprise, and I’m kind of waiting for the day I “forget” to eat breakfast just so I can go back and get another one of these. But hey, their hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM so don’t let it not being breakfast stop you from getting your hands on one of these savory pies.

Turkey and cheese

20 Union Square W
New York, NY 10003


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