Breads Bakery

IMG_7383I am absolutely obsessed with Breads Bakery. It just might be my favorite bakery in the city. It all started with their famous chocolate babka and took off from there.

Breads Bakery is located right off Union Square Park and offers a variety of breads (obviously), pastries, and even salads, sandwiches, and quiches in their coffee shop area in the back. Most of my endeavors at the bakery have led me to trying their pastries, and I have yet to be disappointed.

As soon as you walk in, you can see lots of amazing looking goodies on display on your right and a counter where you can order bread and even more pastries on your left. The staff is always friendly, and whenever I’ve looked unsure about what I wanted to get, they were quick to step in and point me in the right direction.IMG_0960

It only makes sense to start off a review about Breads by talking about their chocolate babka, which is arguably their most famous pastry. I found out about it through a Buzzfeed list about “Must Try Winter Foods” and was interested because I had never had babka before, let alone heard of it. Its texture reminds me of a croissant because its flaky and easy to pull apart, but its much bigger and involves more twisting of the dough around itself. When I went with my friend on a mission to get the babka at Breads, I was surprised to find out that they only sell it as these big loafs that are around $12-$13. Not entirely what I was expecting, but seriously, so worth it. I wish I could say without argument that it was the best babka I’ve ever had, and really it is, but its also the only babka I’ve had. But that doesn’t mean I can’t taste quality when I have it. Its absolutely wonderful with a crisp outside and moist inside and chocolate throughout. In other words, I highly recommend you try it. If you need anymore proof about how awesome it is, my friend who visited NYC for a week said it was one of the best things she ate here. And we ate A LOT during that time.

IMG_0958The next time I went to Breads I was in search of breakfast. One of the workers kindly pointed out to me that the almond croissant with marzipan was one of her favorites and it looked so pretty that I immediately took her suggestion. I’ve had plain croissants and chocolate croissants, but never an almond one with marzipan. I took the croissant to my office and ate it at my desk and seriously went around trying to find someone else that was at work already just so I could tell SOMEONE how amazing it was. Marzipan in a croissant is on another level.

IMG_1127I’ve also tried their rugelach, another one of their big sellers, chocolate chip cookie, and inside out chocolate chip cookie. Please ignore how deformed the chocolate chip cookie looks in my photo. That’s not how they sell it. I just happened to have a very nice coworker who brought me back half of hers, and it gives you a peek at how the chocolate chips are really incorporated throughout the cookie instead of just as individual morsels. And the inside out cookie? That just means its a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. Delish.

IMG_1674It’s sad to say but I haven’t actually tried any of their bread loafs yet. I know, I know, I’m sorry. They offer a “night bread” deal where after 7 pm all the bread is only $4, so I have no excuse not to get some. I have had their olive breadsticks though, which are breadsticks with bits of olives in it, and I don’t even like olives and I loved those. It was even more special because the breadsticks where made by my coworker who took a bread baking class at Breads. And they tasted legit! The classes are $125 per person for a 3 1/2 hour class led by Chef Uri Scheft himself, the man behind it all.

Maybe I sound like a crazy person here because I’m describing everything as amazing and wonderful and delicious, but I just know that I’m never disappointed and always have a hard time picking what I want to get. At places like this, you really can’t go wrong. But, cheese straws and chocolate croissant…I’m coming for you next.

Chocolate babka, rugelach, almond croissant with marzipan, chocolate chip cookie, inside out cookie

18 E 16th St
New York, NY 10003

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