Taqueria Diana

IMG_0662I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a good taco in New York City. One of the foods I miss the most from Texas (besides crawfish and kolaches of course) is good Mexican food. While I do have a little bit of a preference for Tex-Mex and all its cheesy goodness, I can appreciate any good taco when I have one.

Taqueria Diana is California-style Mexican food, “created by Californians by Mexican-food lovers” according to their website. It’s a tiny little spot, and there are just a few counter seats available in the back. That being said, because the restaurant is so small and the seating is so close to where they cook, it can get hot inside. So yeah, after I walked 15 minutes here in the summer and sat down in the back, it took a while to cool down before I was ready to eat some hot tacos. But I can be patient when it counts. ūüėČ

Their menu has all the Mexican food favorites at a fairly affordable price with $3 tacos, burritos for $7 to $8, nachos from $7 to $10, quesadillas with price varying on what filling you choose, sides, and roast chicken. And they also make their tortillas fresh each day as an added bonus. Unfortunately, when you’re getting tacos it costs extra for sour cream and cheese, but you do automatically get¬†onions, cilantro, a lime wedge, and some radishes.

I ordered an al pastor taco, an asada taco, and chips and guacamole. For $3 a piece, the tacos were stuffed¬†with¬†filling. It made it all a bit messy to eat, but the good kind of messy where you’re loving every bit of it because it’s all so tasty and hearty. The guacamole was ultra creamy and the chips were, for lack of a better word, thick–my favorite way tortilla chips are prepared.¬†They have an assortment of hot sauces you can get with self-service at a salsa bar so don’t forget to sample some of those with your meal.IMG_0659The nachos are supposed to be absolutely AMAZING here, but because I read online that they’re served in huge portions and I wasn’t too hungry when I went I decided to save ordering¬†that for another time.¬†Yeah, not hungry so I ordered two tacos and split chips and guac with my friend. Go figure.

Definitely satisfying, quick, and affordable, Taqueria Diana is a good place when you have a hankering for some casual Mexican food. And I WILL get those nachos some day.

Al pastor taco, asada taco, chips and guacamole

129 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003


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