Left Bank

IMG_1250Living in New York City means being surrounded by tons and tons of fantastic restaurants everywhere you go. I’m never too concerned about whether or not the food will be good at any given place, because I figure that they’re paying so much in rent they have to have good business to be able to keep running. Is that weird logic? Makes sense to me!

That being said, there are numerous places in the city that I simply cannot afford to eat at on the reg. I walk by and sigh and think about that one lucky day when I’ll have enough money to dine in such an establishment. Or when I can go there during restaurant week!

Restaurant week is that magical twice a year event, once in the winter and once in the summer, when certain restaurants around the city offer prix fixe menus for either $25 for lunch of $38 for dinner. It may still sound like a lot to spend on one meal, but it’s always a steal. My first restaurant week here I went to Fig & Olive and had a wonderful time, so I was looking forward to going again. This time I went to Left Bank, a lovely little New American restaurant in the West Village.

I ordered the provencal fish soup as my appetizer, the iron roasted split chicken as my entree, and the chocolate brown a la mode for dessert. Normally, ordering all of that for dinner would cost me $47, so it’s nice getting a little more bang for my buck at a slightly fancier restaurant than I normally go to.IMG_1253

I didn’t really know what to expect for fish soup when I ordered, but I was imagining some kind of clear broth soup. Instead I got this delicious creamy soup that wasn’t overly fishy and had shredded cheese on top. Um…yum! Thick, rich soup is my favorite kind (more chowders and bisques for me please!), and I know some people might cringe at the thought of cheese with fish but it was all so great.

In general, it’s pretty unusual for me to order chicken at a restaurant. It’s always hard for me to rationalize ordering it because in my head, I want an “expensive” meat like steak or lobster, or at least something that would be hard for me to prepare at home. But I just couldn’t resist this split chicken, especially because the waiter told us that was his favorite item on the menu. Man, the sear and crunch to the outside of the chicken was wonderful while the meat was juicy and moist. I know it may sound weird but I really enjoyed the saltiness of the chicken, partly because it worked so well with the radishes and eggplant puree that accompanied it. And finally, yes, the brownie a la mode. I mean you can’t really go wrong with that can you?

IMG_1254I also luckily got to try some of my friend’s dishes as well, notably the flourless swiss chard cake and maple syrup pie which were both interesting (have you heard of either of those before??) and yes, quite tasty.

Elegant yet homey, Left Bank delivers fresh, locally sourced food in unpretentious and delicious ways. Also, this is a total date night spot for any of you guys who are looking. Just thought I would throw that out there. 😉

Provencal fish soup, iron roasted split chicken, chocolate brownie a la mode

117 Perry St
New York, NY 10014



One thought on “Left Bank

  1. We are just in the tail end of our city’s restaurant month and $38 for dinner would be considered a steal. Our restaurants set their own specials and prices but there is something for everyone. From $25 for a dinner of barsnacks and a cocktail to a $400 degustation dinner for 4.

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