FP Patisserie

Every now and then you just have to treat yourself. You don’t think about the price tag or the calories or the amount you’re eating. You just go for it. For dessert lovers, FP Patisserie is the perfect place to have at it.

IMG_1245FP Patisserie, the FP standing for Francois Payard, has locations in the Upper Eastside as well as in the Plaza Food Hall. If you couldn’t already guess from that, it’s the definition of elegance. When you walk into the UES location, you’re surrounded by macaron towers, pretty gift boxes, and lots of beautiful, sophisticated desserts on display. You’re not going to find an average cupcake or pie here. Oh no! Instead you get whimsical creations like the Louvre, which is chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse, and hazelnut dacquoise, and the Tarte Dulce de Leche, which is an almond tart shell, dulce de leche ganache, vanilla bean bavarois, and candied almonds. Everything is exquisite and lovely and almost too pretty to eat.

That being said, these aren’t going to be bargain-price confections. The desserts can be a little pricey, from $2.50 a macaron to $6.50 for an eclair to around $7 for the more luxurious patisseries and tartes. But remember! You’re treating yourself here.

As with what happens to me almost every time I go to a place with so many sweets on display, I want basically everything. Instead, I settled for just three things this time. I keep telling myself that I need to try a variety of things to get a better feel for a place, but really everything looked so appetizing I couldn’t resist. I definitely wanted to try both an eclair and a macaron since those are the more standard French pastries, so I got the Valrhona Guanaja chocolate eclair (I mean of course at a place like this they’re not going to call it just a “chocolate eclair”) and the raspberry lychee macaron. And yes, I could’ve stopped there but then I would’ve missed out on the then coconut mango macaron ice cream sandwich. That’s right. MACARON ICE CREAM SANDWICH! I’ve never seen them anywhere else and just my luck there was a kind here that combined two of my favorite flavors.

IMG_1249The eclair was incredibly rich. Maybe some people aren’t fans of dark chocolate, but I love it and hence loved the full, pure chocolate flavor in this. I’ve only enjoyed macarons from one other place in my life, Laduree, but now I can happily say that I’ve found TWO places that provide an excellent macaron. Not too chewy, crispy shell with a smooth filling, and full of flavor. And what about the star of the show? The macaron ice cream sandwich? Definitely my favorite treat I got. While the macaron “cookie” part didn’t have quite the same texture or look as a normal macaron, it offered the same decadence and lightness. The “ice cream” was really more of a sorbet, which may or may not be because of the flavors I chose, but I loved the coolness with the pastry. Seriously, why hasn’t this become a bigger thing? In our time of obsession with combining things (just look to the madness over the donut and croissant Cronut hybrid) you would think that people would be raving about the combo of macarons and ice cream. At least I know I can get one here whenever I’m craving.

FP Patisserie also has a small dining area in the back where you can have brunch, lunch, and dinner, but don’t leave without trying some of these confections. You’ll feel like royalty with each little bite, and we all should feel like that every now and then.

Valrhona Guanaja chocolate eclair, raspberry lychee macaron, coconut mango macaron ice cream sandwich

1293 3rd Ave

New York, NY 10021



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