New York Burger Co.

Did you know that Central Park is bigger than Monaco? Well, I sure didn’t until I saw it on the wall amidst other New York City trivia at New York Burger Co. So thanks to them for informing me and inspiring me to find out everything I could about Monaco and thus get sucked into an internet black hole for a couple of hours while at work. Oh, and thanks for the tasty meal too.

I found out about this place when I was talking to my friend about how I loved how Clarke’s Standard offered lots of different dipping sauces. She then said, “Well, if you like sauces, then you need to check out New York Burger Co.! They have like a million!” I was intrigued. I don’t just LIKE sauces, I LOVE them. I don’t know what it is but having a multitude of different condiments makes me a happy girl. Is that weird and oddly specific? Come on, if you’ve never felt like that then you must’ve at least felt jipped when McDonald’s started implementing rules on how many sauces they could give you before charging extra based on how many nuggets you ordered. What…am I alone in that too? Don’t put a cap on my condiments!

At New York Burger Co. there’s basil pesto, chile pepper ketchup, maple dijon mustard, Thousand Island, “Burger Sauce,” creamy horseradish, chipotle honey, and BBQ. Yeah, get excited. I think the basil pesto was my favorite. BESIDES being known for having a nice selection of sauces, New York Burger Co. also serves up a pretty good burger. Their main burgers have names based on NYC neighborhoods, like the Tribeca Burger, which has bacon, blue cheese, and avocado, and the Flatiron Burger, which has monterey jack, roasted poblano, fire-grilled onions, and BBQ sauce. I’d love to know how they decided which neighborhood would be affiliated with which toppings. In addition to these, they also have a plain burger, a plain cheeseburger, a vegetarian blackbean burger, hot dogs, chicken minis, chicken sandwiches, and salads. And you have the option to construct your own personal burger from scratch or you can order mini versions of any burger.IMG_1136

I went with the Bowery Burger which comes with crispy onion rings, cheddar, and chipotle honey sauce. Whenever you order they ask how you want your burger cooked, which I was actually pleasantly surprised by. Most places have a standard way and just make sure you’re okay with that, if they even bring it up. Nope, not here! I requested my burger medium, and was again, pleasantly surprised when my burger turned out to actually be medium. I’ve had far too many experiences where I’ve ordered medium and it came back overcooked, so I really appreciate that they not only give you the option but actually know how to execute it well. I also ordered a side of fries, because sadly, they don’t come with your burger order. The burger was juicy and I loved the buttery toasted bun. The way the fries were cut and cooked reminded me of how sweet potato fries are often treated, not super crispy and more of a rectangular shape. Maybe that’s just based on my own personal sweet potato fries experiences, but have you ever seen a curly or skinny sweet potato fry?! And yes, as you can see, I definitely took advantage of those yummy sauces.

The restaurant is a good size and there’s a lot of seating around. Although I went during lunch when it was busy, I didn’t have a problem finding a place to sit. And when you order, they give you a buzzer so you’re free to stake out a table while waiting. All in all, it was a super positive experience, even when you ignore the abundance of tasty sauce combinations. But seriously, don’t ignore them. They’re just to good to pass up.

Bowery Burger, fries

678 Sixth Avenue

New York, NY 10010

(multiple locations)

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