H&H Midtown Bagels East

So, there was this week where I decided that rather than buying a whole bunch of groceries at once to last me a week or two, I was going to pick a different recipe that I haven’t tried yet each day, get as many ingredients for it as I could from the local farmer’s market, and then make something fresh and new each evening for dinner. Yes, this was a lot of fun. No, this would not turn out to be a sustainable way for me to live. More power to the people who are able to do this every night.

I quickly realized, as in I realized the first day of this fancy, foodie week of mine, that following along with this meant that I wouldn’t have anything on hand in my pantry or fridge to eat for breakfast. Then there was the silver lining. Now I would have a reason to go buy breakfast every morning! Okay, maybe you think I’m getting excited over nothing, but when you’re pinching pennies to survive in NYC aka Expensiveville, USA, it’s hard to rationalize going out to buy a filling breakfast every morning. Haven’t you seen those articles that say that one surefire way of saving money is by not buying coffee every day because it adds up? At least for this one week, it was bye bye microwaved oatmeal and peanut butter on toast and hello the wonderful world of New York City breakfast foods.

IMG_0949I knew that the first thing I had to get was a bagel. What better way to initiate myself into the society of those who grab breakfast on the way to work? So New York of me, I know. So, on Monday morning, I went to my neighborhood bagel place, H&H Midtown Bagels East, to join the crowd of morning commuters in line for a bagel on the way to the train.

The line wasn’t too bad when I went…at least compared to the vision I had in my mind of a crowd of people who go to their local bagel spot to get the same order every morning, making up a massive line of suits and business skirts, scurrying up to the counter and shouting “the usual!” while hustling out to get on the subway. Turns out, it was not so. There were a couple of old people, a woman and her kids, and a few people my age. The line didn’t take very long, since the staff was very efficient and you ordered and quickly paid while waiting for your bagel, and it gave me just enough time to decide what I wanted to order.

But come on, if you’ve seen any of my other bagel posts you’ll know that I have by far and away a favorite type of bagel. Everything, always.This time I thought I would change it up a little bit though. I got the WHOLE WHEAT everything bagel (look at me, sOoOo healthy) with plain cream cheese (normally I opt for the chive kind).

Compared to other places I’ve been, H&H’s bagels were more airy and dare I say “fluffy” than the others which were generally chewier and much denser. It’s always nice not having to chew each bite 20x to get it down. And it was also a nice treat that there was seasoning, poppy and sesame seeds and the like, on the bottom half bagel as well as the top half.

While there were a couple of tables inside H&H, it’s not the coziest store and definitely feels more like a place where you should take your orders to-go. I actually had a mini dilemma after I got my bagel when I was like wait, what do people normally do now? Do they eat it as they walk to the subway? Find a bench? Take it to work? As you can see from the file organizer in the background of my picture, I think you can guess which option I chose. My main motivation for doing so was that I just really wanted to take a nice picture of it for the blog before chomping away. I have to say though, it does make riding the subway on a hot summer day a bit better knowing that I’ll have a hearty, delicious breakfast waiting for me at the end. You know, like a light at the end of the tunnel. Ha. Apologies for the lame joke. I try. 😉

Whole wheat everything bagel with cream cheese

1551 2nd Ave.

New York, NY 10028

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