Speedy Romeo

Since it’s such a trek to Brooklyn for me, I try to plan at least a few things to do when I’m there to make the most of it. If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with planning and lists. If you didn’t know that about me, well that makes complete sense because this is online but now you know!

While in Brooklyn this one trip, I met up a friend at Brooklyn Kolache Co, biked around Prospect Park, went to Ample Hills Creamery, and checked out the Ai Wei Wei exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (my first time there…so nice!). So how did I want to end my delightful little day in Brooklyn? WHY PIZZA OF COURSE. My friend from Bed Stuy, who I was with all day, had been trying to get me to come out there to try Speedy Romeo pizza, and if I’m being honest, that was kind of my main goal when going to Brooklyn so I kinddddd of just built the rest of the day around that.

Even though there didn’t seem to be anyone outside the restaurant waiting to be sat, the place was still full inside, which from what I hear is a usual thing around dinnertime and especially on the weekends. Speedy Romeo is also known for having wait-times, so I wasn’t surprised when the host told us we could either wait like 30-45 minutes or have a seat at the bar. We must have looked pretty skeptical about sitting at the bar, so he told us it probably wasn’t what we were imagining and offered to show us exactly where he was thinking before he had us commit to an answer. Gotta love that! Turns out the bar seating the host was referring to was really a counter seating area for only two in front of the kitchen area, but separated from the rest of the bar area. Not bad at all, so we took it.

I always struggle between getting either white pizza or pizza with tomato sauce, because 1) I LOVE CHEESE and 2) A lot of times, a place’s original or signature pizza has tomato sauce. So, what’s the perfect way to settle this debate? GET BOTH! Always get both. I mean obviously this is a little easier if you have a friend or two with you, but if you’re alone I won’t judge if you get both too.

We ordered the White Album, which has roast garlic, provel, ricotta, pecorino, and bechamel, along with the Saint Louie, which has provel, Italian sausage, pepperoni, and pickled chilis. Speaking of pickled chilis…when you sit down they give you a little bowl of them. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to just snack on them or put them on your pizza, but we did both because boy, they are addicting. Definitely spicy but oh so delicious. Both of the pizzas were absolutely excellent and it was great getting to sample both kinds. Nicely baked thin crust and great flavor combinations. Man…while writing this post, my eyes keep drifting toward the photo of that white pizza. Just look at that gooey goodness.

I’ve mentioned before that Juliana’s Pizza is one of my favorite pizza places in the city and I have to say that Speedy Romeo is right up there in the ranks. The ambience is great (I think because of the name I was expecting a tinier, hole-in-the-wall place…not the case!), and their pizzas have some unique combinations. Some of the other ones I’m dying to try are the Dick Dale, which has speck, pineapple, provel, and grilled scallions, and the Kind Brother, which has wild mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, farm egg, and sage. Their desserts don’t look so bad either…chocolate cake with branded marshmallow and  graham cracker…olive oil cake with rhubarb jam and lemon honey sorbet…go Speedy Romeo!

The White Album, The Saint Louie

376 Classon Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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